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There are three new posts today, not including this announcement. So when you’re done reading one, keep scrolling down for more. I know most people just assume the first one is new and the rest will be old. Not the case for today.

Its Not That Simple

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When I was in yeshiva high school it was obviously drilled into us that relationships (or just girls in general) were assur. Simple as that, right? Nothing good can ever come from a teenage relationship. I tried arguing the point once but was shouted down by an older guy in Beis Medrash who simply dismissed everything I said.

The first crack in that theory came in my first year in Beis Medrash, when I had a shabbos by a family close to the yeshiva whose daughter had gotten married a few months prior. He told me the story, of how she met her husband five years earlier when they were both fifteen and volunteering for the summer at a camp. Both families werent happy but decided against forced separation and according to him they carried on a five year relationship that (he believed, but… c’mon) was shomer negiah until they both reached twenty and got married.

Right now I know this girl, a teenager, who’s religious, davens, shabbos, kosher and all that, I know that for a fact, but she has a non-religious boyfriend. She’s on a plan to make him religious. He spends every shabbos at her family, which he seems to enjoy, he’s never really had a shabbos before. Today I saw her and she was buying tzitzis for him, because apparently he asked for them but his parents refused to get them as they decided it was a waste of money. I’m not going to pretend this is all kosher, I know they’re not shomer and stuff. But they do seem sincere, and through her he’s discovering religion which is doubtful he would have ever experienced under any other circumstances.

I don’t know what to think anymore.

Why Can’t Jews Spell?

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Is it just me, or does Vos Iz Neias have the worst spelled comments of any blog ever? Its aimed at adults, and the average person there seems to comment from the perspective of an adult, but were it not for the content I’d think I was reading comments from a bunch of pre-adolescents. I don’t expect blog comments to read like letters to the editor or anything like that, but it seems to me that the average New York Jew cannot spell anything with more than two syllables or four letters.

I followed a link from another blog commenting an another abuse scandal. Its a heartbreaking story to read, but the comments just frustrated me. They say Jews have the highest average IQ’s, but whats happening here? I don’t want to trivialize the content of the story, I’m purely commenting here on the writing skills of the commenter’s. This is amazing for what I assume is people who speak English as a first language.

I’m up to comment twelve, and no ones yet managed to spell the word “innocent” correctly. Of course, this is the blog that whenever politics is mentioned, I can always count on one of the first few comments to include “Barack HUSSAIN Obama is a MUSLIM HE WANTS TO DESTROY ISRAEL!!!”. I actually saw an interview with the anonymous guy behind VIN who said himself he’s constantly shocked by the political ignorance present in the community and the people who comment on his site.

Some choice picks:


Where was engelman day one? He was just a bad student and faced tuff times with Richman now he want’s to clash him back No WONDER YESHIVA ARE AFRAID TO TAKE BAD BOY that because future lies!!!’ Hasem yinkom dumon

PLEASE DON’T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS, I know Rabbi Reichman and I can swear that this guy is totaly inoncese

you can writ a hole book on the englman family but here is not the place

By The Numbers

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I realized this morning that September is my six month blogoversary (I also passed 15,000 hits sometime this week, but I didn’t notice either. It sucks not having internet). So before its over I’ve celebrated by crunching the numbers.

Total views: 15,172

Busiest day: 344 — Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Posts: 74

Comments: 709

Top Five Referrers: 426 314 313 111 104

Number of hits from the search term “i’m sick of being frum”: 20

Number of hits from the search term “you’re too frum”: 3

Number of hits from the search term “shidduch resume”: 21

Number of hits from the search term “obama achashveirosh”: 1

Other interesting search terms that directed to here: “when does boys start to get horney”, “my parents are such bt’s”, “lakewood frum affair”, “how to visit your mother”, “what does heimish mean”, “what does apikorsim mean?”, “tzitzit shirt problems”, “frum girls”, “blank shidduch resume”, “frummer then frum”.

Top five posts:

Things never heard enough on shidduch dates: 368
When Does BT Status Start? 352
Tonight on FOX: When Meshulchim Attack! 284
Seriously? 282
The Most Heimish Post Ever 277

Least loved posts: (To be fair, they’re hardly real posts.)

i need tzedoka for pesach 18
You say “to-mah-to…” 13
On the road 10
More Ears Breaking 8
I am now facebookable. 7

Number of uses of the word “gazombas” in a post: 1

Number of shidduch proposals recieved: 1 (I bet Frum Satire has me beat by a long shot there.)

Posts later deleted: 3

Most incorrectly spelled correctly spelled search term: “any wear you’re frum” (I assume that was meant to read “Anywhere you’re from”.)

Some previous headers that didn’t stay up too long: (Click them for the full size.)

The very first header

The very first header

They love me, they really love me!

They love me, they really love me!

Frumster Wants You To Meet A Hot Jewish Girl

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Facebook uses a typical targeted ads script that analyses your profile and delivers ads based on what you write. For example, I have Oasis listed as a band I like, so I keep seeing ads for “Liam Gallagher T-Shirts.”

Lately I’ve been seeing ads targeted at my being listed as both Jewish and single, and all of them link to a Frumster site. Seems Frumster has all these affiliate sites which are Frumster but under a different name. Most are run of the mill: “Marry Jewish: 1200 already married at – You can be next!”. I think there are others, but seems to be the most common. It is Frumster, just under a different name.

Today I saw the best one ever. “Hot Jewish Girls!”. And yes, it links straight to Frumster.


The Last Few Days

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So it wasn’t until after I landed that I realized there was one specific thing I hadn’t noticed before about the difference between American and European mentalities. While in JFK I started to get a headache, but didn’t have enough dollars left to pay for the overpriced Tylenol or Advil from the overpriced airport shops. After we landed in Amsterdam I was feeling full-on sick and started wandering around the airport shops looking for something for a headache. I couldn’t find anything in any shop so I asked a worker who directed me to first aid where they gave out medication for free.

My last shabbos in New York was in Brooklyn where I had a shabbos lunch at Moshe from Insanity Now, Serenity Later. Two nice write-ups were done by Child Ish and Frum Skeptic, also in attendance were The Babysitter and Moshe’s friend, Allen, who sometimes contributes to Moshe’s blog. It was an… interesting meal. I thought the cholent was fantastic, but I think Moshe needs to let go of his Russian foods a bit. You’re in America now, no need to still eat raw fish. It was a fantastic meal though, lasting almost six hours fueled by conversation and Moshe’s world class alcohol collection. I don’t want to drop too many hints, but I hope The Babysitter doesn’t drink like that when she’s watching the kids! (I’m kidding, she’s a teetotaler, I swear.)

The flight back was much better than the flight going. This time I got an aisle seat instead of being in the absolute middle seat in an cramped economy row of ten seats. I even got an empty seat next to me, two pillows! And this time they gave me my kosher meal instead of giving it to a random passenger. Because we were flying forward in time we were served breakfast only three hours after dinner. I got my kosher breakfast and put it next to me to save for later when I would actually be hungry. Then a minute later when they gave out the regular breakfasts they placed one in front of me as my tray was empty. I was about to give it back when I noticed it was just a muffin and juice box, and both had OU’s. Kinda makes you wonder what the point of the kosher breakfast is.

Once the screens in front of us were activated, about a half hour into the flight I decided to watch ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ first. It was a weird thing to watch, as it’s a decidedly adult movie, so I’m torn between laughing at the comedy and cringing because I knew my fifteen year old sister had seen it when it came out and now knowing what she’d seen made it uncomfortable to watch. After that I needed to clear my mind with some more family friendly stuff, so I watched the new Indiana Jones. I’d heard it wasn’t that good but I enjoyed it. Then again, I haven’t seen any of the original Indiana Jones movies, so maybe in comparison this is like Star Wars Episode One. It was odd at the beginning, because Harrison Ford is now old and looks it, so every time he gets knocked down or something and the camera pans to behind him, its too clear that its a stunt double as the real Harrison Ford would probably hurt his back falling like that these days. It was a fun adventure movie once it got going for good.

I could probably write more, but I’m still running on an American bodyclock so I am, as they say here, knackered.

Edit: Also, on September first my blog was listed on WordPresses “Growing Blogs” list. Number 38. Just didn’t have time to mention it while I was away, as I had to be quick with every post.

I Tip My Borsalino

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Frum Meets World, one of my favorite blogs (I enjoy their writing style as well as the content) is celebrating the 10,000 hit milestone. Their milestone looks delicious, and puts my celebration of a screencap with a circle and exclamation to shame. Then again, theirs is a group effort, so I guess its different when you have people to celebrate it with.

P.S. Far Rockaway is a ghetto. Why do people live here, and is it considered “out of town”?