Election Day

The first time I was old enough to vote was during the 2004 showdown of Bush Vs Kerry. I was in yeshiva at the time and I remember a few weeks before the election the rosh yeshiva giving an address to the entire beis medrash informing us that the gedolim had instructed everyone who was old enough to vote for George Bush. At the time I didn’t question it, mainly because I didn’t really care about politics, but I do remember there was one guy in the entire yeshiva who was planning to vote democrat, and surprisingly, was actually “out of the closet” about it. He would debate anyone who was willing about his reasons to vote for Kerry, which if I remember correctly were based around the idea that he would be good for the economy and had better policies. I remember there was no real reason given for why we were all supposed to vote republican, probably because I suspect it was to do with gay marriage and other issues that were best not talked about. Fact was we didn’t care about politics anyway and if the gedolim told us to vote republican then that’s what we would do, and who was going to question daas torah?

Today I feel qualified to make up my own mind on whom to vote for. I tend to vote Democrat and not just because I’m a filthy socialist who wants to see America brought down from the inside. I can’t front, it’s because I pretty much see Republicans as hippocrites who use the family values platform to gain the votes of the poor and religious and then slash taxes for the rich and big business to get the votes of everyone else, at least everyone else above the wealth line. Though I do think Republicans have their uses. Christine O’Donnell alone filled comedy show scripts for weeks.

One of my teachers in high school was a fantastically wealthy guy who taught school simply because he didn’t have to work anymore. I personally, would have spent that time building a lair under a volcano and investing in pinky rings and cats, but that was his choice. I remember right after Bush was elected for the first time, he came into class, sat in his chair, leaned far back with his hands behind his head and said “Bush… that’s my guy. I’m buying three cars this year because of this tax cut they’re passing.”

I guess the connection between Republicans and wealthy was made for me when I was that young. Or maybe I’m wrong and still have to figure out where I really fit into politics.

Check back with me in ten years.

3 Responses to “Election Day”

  1. “blach blah blah then slash taxes for the rich blah blah blah”

    So what you’re saying is that when you or someone else desires a certain good or service you have the right to put a gun to someone else’s head and take it from, albeit by proxy?

    O’ Donnell was mocked mostly for her personal opinion that masturbation is a sin, which it is. It was as little disappointing that she backed down and said her faith had ‘matured’, but it just goes to show that these super-ultra-mega conservative evangelicals are actually a lot more moderate in their views vis vis such matters than the most militantly meikel posek could ever be. This is why one you’re not allowed to vote Democrat: because the raison d’etre of their party is to increase the amount of violations of the Sheva Mitzvos in a country and civilization that is already suffused with them. They are also determined to continue spenfing even if that means bankrupting the country and debauching the currency, which should appeal to your self interest if not your moral sense. That’s not to say you should necessarily vote Republican either; many of them, perhaps most, are just as bad on a lot of important issues.

    Anyway, hopefully in ten years your views will have matured beyond base envy and bigorty. You might perhaps reflect on the parshos in the coming and preceding weeks, specifically on whether the avos were “hippocrites” who should have had all their money confiscated to pay for inflated public sector wages.

  2. I’m a Democrat too, for some of the reasons listed above. (There are more). And, Gabriel, “this is why you are not allowed to vote Democrat”? Please. No such thing.

  3. It’s the Democrats who are hypocrites. Everyone’s equal, except for Republicans.
    No guns, except for my bodyguards. Stop pollution, except for my personal jet which I need to spread the love faster.

    As far as taxes, yes, cut taxes for the rich and fine them if they outsource. Economy is not fueled by the poor.

    What have Democrats done for the country? Instead of profiling, background checks for TSA and airport employees and inspection of food and merchandise brought into the airport for sale, lets molest 3 year old girls and disabled and irradiate American citizens.

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