The Last Few Days

So it wasn’t until after I landed that I realized there was one specific thing I hadn’t noticed before about the difference between American and European mentalities. While in JFK I started to get a headache, but didn’t have enough dollars left to pay for the overpriced Tylenol or Advil from the overpriced airport shops. After we landed in Amsterdam I was feeling full-on sick and started wandering around the airport shops looking for something for a headache. I couldn’t find anything in any shop so I asked a worker who directed me to first aid where they gave out medication for free.

My last shabbos in New York was in Brooklyn where I had a shabbos lunch at Moshe from Insanity Now, Serenity Later. Two nice write-ups were done by Child Ish and Frum Skeptic, also in attendance were The Babysitter and Moshe’s friend, Allen, who sometimes contributes to Moshe’s blog. It was an… interesting meal. I thought the cholent was fantastic, but I think Moshe needs to let go of his Russian foods a bit. You’re in America now, no need to still eat raw fish. It was a fantastic meal though, lasting almost six hours fueled by conversation and Moshe’s world class alcohol collection. I don’t want to drop too many hints, but I hope The Babysitter doesn’t drink like that when she’s watching the kids! (I’m kidding, she’s a teetotaler, I swear.)

The flight back was much better than the flight going. This time I got an aisle seat instead of being in the absolute middle seat in an cramped economy row of ten seats. I even got an empty seat next to me, two pillows! And this time they gave me my kosher meal instead of giving it to a random passenger. Because we were flying forward in time we were served breakfast only three hours after dinner. I got my kosher breakfast and put it next to me to save for later when I would actually be hungry. Then a minute later when they gave out the regular breakfasts they placed one in front of me as my tray was empty. I was about to give it back when I noticed it was just a muffin and juice box, and both had OU’s. Kinda makes you wonder what the point of the kosher breakfast is.

Once the screens in front of us were activated, about a half hour into the flight I decided to watch ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ first. It was a weird thing to watch, as it’s a decidedly adult movie, so I’m torn between laughing at the comedy and cringing because I knew my fifteen year old sister had seen it when it came out and now knowing what she’d seen made it uncomfortable to watch. After that I needed to clear my mind with some more family friendly stuff, so I watched the new Indiana Jones. I’d heard it wasn’t that good but I enjoyed it. Then again, I haven’t seen any of the original Indiana Jones movies, so maybe in comparison this is like Star Wars Episode One. It was odd at the beginning, because Harrison Ford is now old and looks it, so every time he gets knocked down or something and the camera pans to behind him, its too clear that its a stunt double as the real Harrison Ford would probably hurt his back falling like that these days. It was a fun adventure movie once it got going for good.

I could probably write more, but I’m still running on an American bodyclock so I am, as they say here, knackered.

Edit: Also, on September first my blog was listed on WordPresses “Growing Blogs” list. Number 38. Just didn’t have time to mention it while I was away, as I had to be quick with every post.

16 Responses to “The Last Few Days”

  1. What’s wrong with all of you people. Herring is raw fish, sushi is definitely raw fish. Is it the eyes starring you in the face thats the problem?

    Dude, you were in Amsterdam and you were wondering what’s good for a headache?! You disappoint me.

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall was too adult for you? Then don’t watch Postal. I haven’t yet seen Indiana Jones and I have reservations about watching it. Rambo, on the other hand, was very good.

  2. That’s good you were able to get medicine for free at the end.

    What’s a “teetotaler”?

    That’s good at the ride back was better. The aisle seat is good, but it can be annoying too, if you have other people climbing over you to get in and out of the row. When I was flying back from Israel I had an aisle seat in a 4 seat row, and I remember this one man kept going back and forth, to daven and other things, it got to a point where I just kept my feet up in the seat so I didn’t have to move to let him through.

    That’s interesting about the food, that the non-kosher meal had Kosher stuff in it. could be it was a 1 time thing, or perhaps only the breakfast snacks have OU’s on them.

    I know what you mean about the movie. I watched it too. But that’s the reason why I like watching stuff a lone and wouldn’t show it to my younger brother and sister, because it’s uncomfortable to know that they are watching stuff that you don’t find so suitable for them.

    Indiana Jones is a family friendly movie? I didn’t know that, if I knew perhaps I would have watched it. I thought it had fighting and stuff in it.

    Moshe: wait, the fish you were eating was raw? I didn’t even realize that. I thought it was just a cooked fish that came in the fish, without being taken out first.

    FrumPunk: lol he expected you to drink some alcoholic beverage for that headache!

  3. Dude! you starting to sound more like an Englishman. In America we let toddlers watch any movie they want. These days i hear the kids are into slasher movies to get over the PTSD of birth.

    I think I will ask what Moshe was getting at in a more direct manner. If you were in Amsterdam where Marijuana is legal, why not get some to make the headache go away? Unless you are the teetotaler in that respect having nothing to do with the local law.

  4. Moshe: It was more to do with the fact I was uncomfortable knowing what my sister had seen as I watched it. There’s worse movies, but I wouldn’t let a fifteen year old watch that. As for marijuana, they don’t sell it at the airport, believe it or not. Its very gentrified. The red light district is only about four blocks total, not all of Amsterdam is about drugs. They try to remind you more about the tulips, clogs and Rembrandt.

    Babysitter: A teetotaler is someone who refuses to drink. I’d call Indiana Jones family friendly. The fighting is all cartoonish, there’s no blood or anything. Little kids may get scared at all the skeletons and stuff though.

    Child Ish: More? English is my default, I’m getting more American if anything. It actually shows how American I am that I was uncomfortable with that. Europeans don’t care about sex in movies, they’re more concerned about kids getting desensitized to violence.

  5. FrumPunk: actually I’ve read lots of articles about woman in England that were sensitive to certain issues, so it seems like their more concerned about kids getting desensitized with these stuff. Like with Hanna Mantana, they banned her products, because of her behavior. Then with a pregnant mannequin, they made the store owner remove it from the window. With a bunch of other stuff too.

  6. Frum Punk: congrats on making it to the list of growing blogs! 38 is very good out of 100!

  7. FrumPunk: Yeah, I get what you’re saying about the movie. It’s ok for you to corrupt yourself, but not your younger sibling. And guys tend to be very overprotective of younger sisters in particular.

  8. Frumpunk- I didn’t take you for the censorship type.

    Speaking as a younger sister, I remember watching my older brother’s American Pie dvd and thinking it felt weird to know he watched it.

  9. Nice that we got to meet you while you were here. Cultural food is a great thing for diversity in the standard Shabbos meal. Personally, I have my same boring meal every week, but my wife always says I’m a boring guy. I prefer the word “consistent”. Truthfully, when we have lots of guests especially new people, Mrs. LFD goes all out and I get treated to culinary heaven! Just ask Jacob Da Jew! Hope you come to this side of “the pond” again soon.

  10. Lol, you thought it was cooked?! It looked raw. It’s dry salted. But, like I said, so is herring and cold smoked fish.

  11. Congrats on being #38. 🙂

    Moshe- It was the eyes. Had to be!!

  12. Anita: yea, the eyes are spooky!

  13. babysitter- I just remembred how my father told me pre-kosher days he tried frog legs!! He couldn’t brin himself to try the escargo (?), which is snails. lol. Both french delicacies.

    In all honesty, I think the fish with eyes is just waaaaaaaaaaaay more appetizing.

  14. Babysitter: Never heard about Hannah Montana being banned, nor the maniquin thing.

    tooyoungtoteach: Yeah, thats pretty much it.

    Stacy: There’s a difference between censorship and age-appropriate.

    Lakewood: It was nice meeting you too. I can take exotic. I just like my dead things to not still have heads and tails.

    Anita: Thanks. Its true, the eyes make it. I’ve told that story you said about bringing the fish to school when you were a kid to a couple people. Its a good story. (Not with your name obviously.)

  15. Frumpunk, do you hav a fish head or sheep’s head at your table on Rosh Hashana? My wife gets grossed out by the eyes too. Also, when I was little, we’d go visit my grandmother in Manhattan. My dad always made sure to pass by a fish market and dare us to poke at the eyes of the fish. He has a weird sense of humor…

  16. hahahaha im laughing at the idea of u smoking pot…

    im surprised they showed forgetting sarah marshall on the plane! i didnt realize they showed such innapropriate movies on an airplane.

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