By The Numbers

I realized this morning that September is my six month blogoversary (I also passed 15,000 hits sometime this week, but I didn’t notice either. It sucks not having internet). So before its over I’ve celebrated by crunching the numbers.

Total views: 15,172

Busiest day: 344 — Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Posts: 74

Comments: 709

Top Five Referrers: 426 314 313 111 104

Number of hits from the search term “i’m sick of being frum”: 20

Number of hits from the search term “you’re too frum”: 3

Number of hits from the search term “shidduch resume”: 21

Number of hits from the search term “obama achashveirosh”: 1

Other interesting search terms that directed to here: “when does boys start to get horney”, “my parents are such bt’s”, “lakewood frum affair”, “how to visit your mother”, “what does heimish mean”, “what does apikorsim mean?”, “tzitzit shirt problems”, “frum girls”, “blank shidduch resume”, “frummer then frum”.

Top five posts:

Things never heard enough on shidduch dates: 368
When Does BT Status Start? 352
Tonight on FOX: When Meshulchim Attack! 284
Seriously? 282
The Most Heimish Post Ever 277

Least loved posts: (To be fair, they’re hardly real posts.)

i need tzedoka for pesach 18
You say “to-mah-to…” 13
On the road 10
More Ears Breaking 8
I am now facebookable. 7

Number of uses of the word “gazombas” in a post: 1

Number of shidduch proposals recieved: 1 (I bet Frum Satire has me beat by a long shot there.)

Posts later deleted: 3

Most incorrectly spelled correctly spelled search term: “any wear you’re frum” (I assume that was meant to read “Anywhere you’re from”.)

Some previous headers that didn’t stay up too long: (Click them for the full size.)

The very first header

The very first header

They love me, they really love me!

They love me, they really love me!

10 Responses to “By The Numbers”

  1. Congrats on making it to your 6 month blogversary and getting over 15,000 hits.

    Do you still have your deleted posts saved somewhere? or you deleted them completely?

    I don’t remember seeing the first 3 headers.

  2. Wow, I beat out Frum Skeptic for second place. Now can I get my waffle with ice cream please?

    Congrats! Ah, 6 month avinersarys, reminds me of when I got married, my firts year, we were celebrating 6-9-12 month aniv then it kinda just flows together.

    Shana Tova and it was great hanging with you at my place.

  3. Babysitter: Thanks. I have one saved, I removed it from the site by simply making it private. The others I deleted when I realized people were actually reading what I wrote, and I decided they were too personal. The saved one is the AKA Pella post that later inspired the “praise” header.

    Jacob: You gotta remember that I’ve only been on your blogroll for about 3 months or so, you’d probably beat Hesh if I’d been on for equal time. (Also because you have a selective blogroll, while Hesh’s is so long everyone kinda gets lost in the list.) Shanah Tova, I’ll get you that ice cream next time I’m in Brooklyn.

  4. i loved the things never heard enough on shidduch date post.

  5. “Number of shidduch proposals recieved: 1”


  6. Congrats! Am I allowed to be jealous of your success right before Rosh Hashana?

    In anycase…you got a buncha hits from me, most of them checking up to see if you wrote anything new…most of the time it was not. You need to post more often.

  7. Thanks stam.

    tooyoungtoteach: Its only natural to be jealous. I know you all view me with an equal mixture of awe, envy and lust. I’d write more if I wasnt homeless and had steady internet access. I get ideas all day of stuff to write, but by the time I’m in front of a computer I’ve usually forgotton everything. G-d loves to mess with me, I usually write the best short stories in my head during davening. Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to actually publish one on the blog.

  8. Wow, congratulations.
    I really liked On the road I think that was the first post I read, definitely one of your better ones.
    I don’t really like any shidduch or bt posts though,, there’s enough of them out there.
    And I like to think I’m responsible for about 14,000 hits.
    I’m stalkerish like that…

  9. Frum Punk: I slightly remember the Akapella one, could be that was the first post of yours that I read. I have deleted 2 posts too, but before anyone got to read them, and I deleted them completely, and now I wish I had just taken it down and still saved them for myself.

  10. Halivay Vaiyter. God willing it should continue.

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