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Good for the Jews?

Posted in Israel, Muslims, Politics, Rants with tags , , , on March 9, 2008 by frumpunk

I had a political conversation a few Shabbosim ago with a Rabbi who was very tied in politically, ie: he knows Joseph Lieberman personally. We talked about the upcoming presidential election of course. His view was that everyone should vote for McCain (or Republican in general) as they’re “good for the Jews”.

He claimed only the Republicans will keep the money flowing to Israel and that Obamas being advised by Jimmy Carter who is very anti-Israel. I argued that no candidate will reverse fifty years of foreign policy that is pro-Israel and furthermore, every candidate knows they need to be pro-Israel to be elected as the most sizable voting block is pro-Israel Christians as well as wealthy Jews who spend a lot of money on lobbyists. Furthermore, I argued that the Republican War on Terror is bad for Israel. First of all, the war is wrong and we’re not accomplishing anything by occupying a country where the people don’t want us there and which generates worldwide ill will for America. Secondly, this war is nothing but a catalyst for more terror as Muslims now have a sense of persecution from the west. The opinion of many right wingers as well as Muslims is that Israel is using its powerful ally to remove regimes that are anti-Zionist. Someone else argued that if America leaves Iraq then Iran will take over. So? I think history has proved that Muslims can’t handle democracy. No fundamentally religious country can. Democracy means that anyone can get into power and the will of the people chooses its leaders and policies. That doesn’t mesh too well with Islam. Muslims can only be ruled by a dictator who will enforce policies with a military hand. Its not good from a humanist standpoint, but its the only time they’re at peace for any substantial length of time.

Also, saying that only American money will keep Israel going is like saying that Israel will crumble without foreign aid. Whether that’s true or not, isn’t that a lack of faith in G-D? And I don’t think the hishtadlus argument applies here. I believe Israel picking leaders who can lead and hold the country together politically is far more important than America sending more guns.

Am I wrong here?