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Frumster Wants You To Meet A Hot Jewish Girl

Posted in Frumster, Shidduchim on September 23, 2008 by frumpunk

Facebook uses a typical targeted ads script that analyses your profile and delivers ads based on what you write. For example, I have Oasis listed as a band I like, so I keep seeing ads for “Liam Gallagher T-Shirts.”

Lately I’ve been seeing ads targeted at my being listed as both Jewish and single, and all of them link to a Frumster site. Seems Frumster has all these affiliate sites which are Frumster but under a different name. Most are run of the mill: “Marry Jewish: 1200 already married at – You can be next!”. I think there are others, but seems to be the most common. It is Frumster, just under a different name.

Today I saw the best one ever. “Hot Jewish Girls!”. And yes, it links straight to Frumster.