Why Can’t Jews Spell?

Is it just me, or does Vos Iz Neias have the worst spelled comments of any blog ever? Its aimed at adults, and the average person there seems to comment from the perspective of an adult, but were it not for the content I’d think I was reading comments from a bunch of pre-adolescents. I don’t expect blog comments to read like letters to the editor or anything like that, but it seems to me that the average New York Jew cannot spell anything with more than two syllables or four letters.

I followed a link from another blog commenting an another abuse scandal. Its a heartbreaking story to read, but the comments just frustrated me. They say Jews have the highest average IQ’s, but whats happening here? I don’t want to trivialize the content of the story, I’m purely commenting here on the writing skills of the commenter’s. This is amazing for what I assume is people who speak English as a first language.

I’m up to comment twelve, and no ones yet managed to spell the word “innocent” correctly. Of course, this is the blog that whenever politics is mentioned, I can always count on one of the first few comments to include “Barack HUSSAIN Obama is a MUSLIM HE WANTS TO DESTROY ISRAEL!!!”. I actually saw an interview with the anonymous guy behind VIN who said himself he’s constantly shocked by the political ignorance present in the community and the people who comment on his site.

Some choice picks:


Where was engelman day one? He was just a bad student and faced tuff times with Richman now he want’s to clash him back No WONDER YESHIVA ARE AFRAID TO TAKE BAD BOY that because future lies!!!’ Hasem yinkom dumon

PLEASE DON’T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS, I know Rabbi Reichman and I can swear that this guy is totaly inoncese

you can writ a hole book on the englman family but here is not the place

22 Responses to “Why Can’t Jews Spell?”

  1. i think that the political ignorance is because a lot of frum ppl dont get the newspaper, or watch tv- so they just pick up random stuff that they hear. but then i guess if theyre reading the blog, then they have the internet to learn stuff lol so i guess that disproves my theory.

  2. No one knows how to spell if you ask me…but as a Literacy major, current theory is very into inventive spellings, screw conventions, if people know what you’re saying then go ahead and spell however you darn please (you can tell a lot about a person phonemic awareness by the way they misspell)

  3. I think some people may spell incorrectly on purpose to sound cool. Like they will use a “k” instead of a “c”. Or by the one who wrote “tuff” instead of “tough” they probably like the way it looks better.

    Could be they’re using their phone so it’s hard for them to spell correctly and to make sense.

  4. Spelling is unimportant. Who cares how you you spell when no one knows who you are? And for all the other times that spelling does count for something, that is what Microsoft Office is for.

    If you are the type to get annoyed about the spelling of others you can always write a post with all the words meticulously spelled so that everyone will know that at least you are a perfect speller. šŸ˜‰

  5. Well for most of theses posters I’m sure english was a second language that probably wasn’t spoken at home or even really taught in school.
    And of course there’s the whole, trying to type like a 12 year old on crack and looking cool-thing.

    Way to pick on us New York jews though.

  6. ugh, i agree with you. i think with cellphones and texting, correct spelling and the like have fallen to the wayside. it’s quicker and easier to use k instead of ck, and f instead of ph….

    it takes about a half a second to spell check your comment before posting it.

    and that’s not to mention correct word usage. their, they’re there, too, to…

    although i’m horrible when it comes to capitalizing, so maybe i’m not one to talk.

  7. Mrs. Lakewood falling down Says:

    i am a stickler for coherent writing that is spelled correctly. My husband hates when i read over his shoulder and point out misspelled words or sentences that are not just so. thank goodness for spell check.

  8. Good ol’ VINNEWS.

    They tend to dash off “articles” very quickly, post them full of errors, then eventually correct them. Somewhat.

    Example of a BEFORE article: http://juststam.blogspot.com/2008/09/brooklyn-ny-take-5-lotto-winner-sold-in.html

    The “corrected” AFTER: http://www.vosizneias.com/20268/2008/09/12/brooklyn-ny-take-5-lotto-winner-sold-in-borough-park/

  9. Spelling should be the least of NY Jew worries.

    I had one girl in school ask the teacher “Who wrote the book, Shakespeare or Caeser?”

    Then another girl ask “Where did you say Shakespeare’s theatr was? Was it in London or England?”

    Like SI said, as long as people understand what you’re saying, go with it.

    Not knowing about Shakespeare in 9th grade…now thats a problem!

  10. FrumSkeptic: well to be fair, we started learning Shakespeare in 10th grade I think, so it would make sense not to know about it in 9th grade. Although I knew about him before, from always hearing about the famous “Romeo and Juliet” book/play.

  11. shakespeare in the bais yaakov system?!!??! **GASP**

  12. Esther I think you mean “Secular education in the bais yaakov system **GASP**

    Spelling is not a problem for these guys. when do they ever spell? and if they do its through texts which has no official spelling for words. If for some reason they need to spell the language they use is a mix of yiddish and english with a bissel hebrew so it doesnt matter.

  13. babysitter- not knowing who shakespear was till 10th grade is pathetic. I dont care when the school officially taught who he was. I knew who he was and I dont think he was ever part of the curriculum until around 8th grade when we read Taming of the Shrew.

    Maybe 7th grade..but all I remember reading then was The Catcher in the Rye and The Pearl.

    Generally, not knowing london was in England is just as sad. No excuse there.

  14. Esther: You’re right, but the problem is also that the only internet news sites they’ll visit are VIN and Yeshiva World News, so they still end up ignorant, but very angry about it. It’d be funny if it wasnt so important.

    Babysitter: I can’t imagine people are purposely misspelling on Vos Is Neias to sound cool.

    Child Ish: Writing is how we communicate. If you had a job and sent out emails misspelled like that, you wouldn’t last long. I guess the point is they probably have never had a real job. Imagine if your father sent out memos written the way they comment. (A good example, as I know his job.)

    Stacy: I doubt they’re all chassidim who speak Yiddish first. And why so sensitive? I’m hardly picking on you.

    Mrs LFD: You seem to have the same affliction as frumcollegegirl.

    Stam: Nice save.

    Anita: Thats a great non-sequitur.

    Babysitter: To mention the other post, Romeo and Juliet is the original teenage romance.

  15. FrumSkeptic: but see here, this is my view on knowledge, it’s impossible for someone to know everything. You first have to hear/read something to know it. You are not born with knowledge already in you, so it’s all what you pick up on. They could be focusing on other stuff so have different knowledge. They may not know about Shakespeare when they young, but they could know lots of other stuff. It’s what you focus on, or what you have found. Even the Torah recognizes that you can’t blame someone for the lack of knowledge, so that if you didn’t know a Halacha and had no way of learning it beforehand, then its not your fault if you did the Avaira.

    FrumPunk: you would be surprised how these boro parkers want to sound cool. But it comes out all wrong and makes them look worse.

    yea, I think I knew that. I never actually read it because I knew it ended with them dying.

    So wait, before, by your other post, you were referring to teenage romance? Then that’s a whole nother story, then I would say for sure it’s not a good idea.

  16. esther – what are you talking about?? we had Shakespeare in BY!

  17. affliction? OK that was harsh.

    and i definitely knew who Shakespeare was before 10th grade. probably by like fourth or fifth grade. he always popped up in someone’s biography report.

    and even if i went to a school that didn’t necessarily provide the correct English literature, my mother made up for it, by taking out all the classics, like the Jane Austen novels (which i never could get myself to read) and Bronte Sisters.

  18. stam: i know, but we we’re from “out of town” so its more accepted. but btw- half the books we read in h.s., they dont read anymore cuz parents complained

  19. es: ah, good times – remember October Sky?
    did we ever have books missing certain pages btw?

  20. stam: hahaha oooh the good old days! and then in 12th grade, they tried taking the inappropriate pages out, but it was a new addition of the book, so they just took the same page numbers from the last edition without checking, so ALLLL the dirty stuff was still in there!!!! ohhh boy did they send home a letter REALLY fast! lol good times

  21. Seems like i missed quite the year šŸ˜‰

  22. hahaha ooooooooooooooooooooh yeaaaaa….

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