Be Considerate

You know why you can’t park on certain roads? It’s not because the city is hoping you will park there and make some money off of you, (although I’m not discounting that that’s a bonus for the bean counters at city hall). It’s because it’s dangerous to park there.

Let me set this up. I go for my Thursday night store run to get some beef shin to add some heimishness to my cholent experience. This store is on a main road, but there is a parking lot at the side. Let me emphasize that – at the side –  not even all the way around the back. Literally a right turn from the front door. And there’s plenty of parking. I know, because I saw the empty spaces next to my car. So I try to make the turn onto the main road, because I need to get home and get this baby in the crock pot, because we all know that your cholent meat loses a bit of heimishness as soon as it leaves the heimish store, heimishness that can only be restored by placing it back into that most heimish of environments, the cholent pot. But I can’t see around the corner, because you idiots had to park both your minivans, illegally, in front of the doors. Five feet away from the corner where the parking lot begins. With the empty spaces next to my car.

I guess because when you have to make that trip, you have to save every second. No matter the price. If I hit another car or yours, that’s just collateral damage.

5 Responses to “Be Considerate”

  1. And that’s why a heimish store has both a goyish parking, the one you used, and a heimish partking, the one they used.

  2. hey there, i dont understand these hewbrew words

  3. So google them 😛

  4. Haha, Moshe you know way too much about the heimish lifestyle for such an unheimish person.

    Lars: Heimish is yiddish I think, and noones really sure what it means. That alone is a great source of humor for me and it allows be to be lazy with my writing. Which in and of itself, is quite a heimish thing to do. 🙂

  5. Heimishkait (not haiminess) – hominess

    Haimish – homey

    Haimishe f. haimisher m. – familiar

    Yiddish 101.

    Love your blog.

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