I Like You

Remember when you asked me if there was a baracha to say upon seeing a pregnant woman? I thought for a moment and responded with “shelo osani isha”. You laughed harder than I did, and I like that.

To make this post more relevant for everyone else, this is a fantastic read.

4 Responses to “I Like You”

  1. Shadchanic Language is ROFLMAO!

  2. Oh, you beat me to it! I was totally going to put this upon my blog — it killed me….

    PS Why isn’t there a baracha for seeing a pregnant lady? Is it ayin hara, like throwing a pre-birth baby shower?

  3. I’ve seen this once before, a while ago and thought it was really funny, now looking at it later I can appreciate the humor even more.

    And glad to see you found someone you like

  4. I like you, too. Very much. And I might even miss you, just because you are fantastic…so stop sleeping and call me!

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