Frum Satire Is Now Heshy Fried

If you haven’t heard (and where have you been?) Frum Satires facebook account was closed and he’s now fully under his real name, Heshy Fried. Like many others, I’ve been asked to pass it along as he’s concerned about the drop in readers since 8% of his hits were through facebook. How does he even calculate that? Anyways, go ahead and add him. And add me, while you’re at it. What am I doing wrong? I have 98 facebook friends from the blog! Thats about a third of the hits I get in a day.

In related news, Frum Punk is now Chaim Tyrone McJewberg.

2 Responses to “Frum Satire Is Now Heshy Fried”

  1. Yo, how it be doin in de hood ? Tyrone?

  2. Google analytics my friend – this is how I got 8.54% which was 2,931 unique visits in the month of january.

    Analytics is the way to go – 100 times as good as wordpress stats which dont even show you unique visitors wordpress stats only show you pageviews.

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