The Revolving Door

There’s two major blog subjects that I’m seeing more often these days. First is “I was raised frum, but I’m abandoning that lifestyle and here’s my blog about it“.

On the other side, we have “I’m converting to Judaism, Yay!

Population replacement? Not quite, but it should hopefully sort out some of those genetic bottlenecks. To be fair, the “off the derech” blog theme is probably one of the oldest Jewish blog types, but there’s a wave of newer ones along the old standards. Worst thing is, all the catchy names are taken.

27 Responses to “The Revolving Door”

  1. i dont really like off the derech blogs anymore… theyre all the same, and just go on and on abt how horrible Judaism is. booooooooooring

  2. “Hi, what’s your blog?”
    “I’m OTD #29”
    “Oh, a pleasure. I’m OTD #25 and there by the table are OTD #43 and OTD #50.”
    “Copy cats, ripping off our material.”
    “So true”

  3. Not a fan of most mentioned other than Nameless, Faceless. She rocks the jazzy izzle.

  4. Were all the same when it comes right down to it. Blogging about whatever interests us at the moment.

  5. hahaha ive actually noticed that lately.
    us good ol’ FFB’s are in the minority!

  6. Jacob, I could just kiss you. What a fantastically nice thing to say about a girl who is constantly writing about how weird Judaism still looks sometimes. I’d like to go on the record as saying your blog was one of the reasons I started writing these things down in the first place. (Also, when I say “kiss”, clearly I mean “don’t touch, not even a little” – that’s a little disclaimer for Da Wife, yeah?)

    Frumpunk: When I see an OTD blog, I always feel a little torn; if you replace “Judaism” with “Christianity”, they are saying exactly what I would have had I started blogging a while back. I’m constantly laughing inside because I (the antagonistic, rebellious Christian genius who everyone thought was going to be the next big apologetic mind but was constantly wasted at her prestigious Christian university/seducing men right and left /getting kicked out of school twice) decided to be the *ultimate* badass and convert to…Orthodox Judaism?

    Wait, can that be right? (PS I’m still trying to get this news published in my alumni magazine. I’m not even kidding.)

  7. i used to read Off the Derech #1, till he stopped comments, and like Jacob nameless faceless is the only convert one I read.

  8. Off The Derech #101 Says:

    Really? You guys are sick of reading our plight? Cuz I’m kind of sick of people sticking their head in the sand. There are problems in the community. Problems that turn thoughtful people like myself off. And if you are a woman, like me, please explain how being placed in a role that is lesser than men in appealing? Really, explain. I read both sides, but frankly I find FFB’s and BT blogs just as boring if poorly written or repetitive. That, my friends, is BOOORING.
    P.S. If any of you are really cool, then I’m not talking about Brian Transceau blogs, lol

  9. Nobody forces you to stay in that role other than yourself. Don’t like one time, switch to another. No women in my shul are in that role.

  10. Off The Derech #101 Says:

    Thanks for the advice Moshe. I decided to read your blog in an effort to see things differently. But in one post you seem to imply that our new president is dumb, for lack of a better word (and g-d forbid I should spell a synonym for dumb, lol). I’m going to be honest with you. I’m no longer forced to stay in that role. And for the record, I don’t have a problem with our religion or Hashem. Rather, it has been my experience that whether or not women in the community see themselves in that role they are. When Men have to start wearing sheitels and saying daily in their prayers something to the effect of what women have to say, then we’ll consider the field to be more level. Just a thought 🙂 Not to mention be considered impure for the majority of the month. But that’s a whole other discussion entirely.

  11. Off The Derech #101 Says:

    P.S. This is fun, we should do this more often 🙂

  12. Off the Derech #101

    Oh please. The OTD blogs are really boring (not saying that frum ones arent either, because some are) each one with the same concept and idea. You see, if you guys would add some sort of humor to it all; different cetegories, or different lifestyles, and put all that into one funny blog, then you guys wouldnt be so boring. All the OTD blogs do is rant and rant.

  13. ditto to above (mike)

  14. If we’re so boring, how come we get 10x the hits you do?

  15. The previous president was stupid, went to war with the wrong country and spent lives and money fighting a “civil” war. Wars aren’t civil, you go in, use whatever force necessary and you get out, you’re not supposed to be “nice and civil” about it.

    The new president is a democrat, no experience and after he was elected, 20B of tax payer money approved to be given to Bank of America. Know what they did with the money? Gave 15B of it to execs for inflated salaries and bonuses.

    Field more level? Sheitels and nidda? I’m guessing you’re not speaking from personal experience. Since when is 12 days most of the month?
    Why not also blame the universe for making women get periods and having to go through labor or do you consider that fair?
    You’re complaining about sheitels and nidda, then I’ll complain about some things too.
    Were you required to get surgery to be religious? I was, at 13, like a good muslim. Those nice big needles for local anesthetic hurt like a bitch and post op wasn’t fun either.
    Men are supposed to pray 3 times a day, 2+ hours. Women are not.
    Women aren’t required to fast for most of the fast days, men are.
    Yom Kippur davening.
    Women can masturbate as much as they want, for men it’s considered this big horrible sin.
    Men are supposed to get married, women are not.
    Should I go on?
    If you would actually write down all the differences, you’d see that women have it much easier.

  16. I gotta say, I agree with Moshe on this one. Men do have it harder than women. May I remind you that if there is no food on the table it is the man who is blamed, not the woman (even if she is the actual bread winner as is the case in many kollel households.)

    And as for OTD’s comment about why he gets so many hits, it could be because of his writing style, though many on the D’ers have a nice writing style, or more probably it is because people want to read about being bad, and there is nothing badder than pissing off God.

  17. Btw, considering Obama’s plummeting approval rating, I’m not the only one who thinks he’s stupid.

  18. Off The Derech #101 Says:

    Hey. Moshe, I’ll agree with you. Men do have it hard. So why not change things? I whole heartedly support you in your efforts to mastrurbate more often. As for having a bris I know it hurts, my father had the same thing done at 28 when he converted w/o pain relievers either. And on top of that they sewed him up wrong. *OUCH* As for 12 days…you don’t think that is a long time to not be able to touch your spouse? I do. And show me someone in the community who hasn’t been waiting to rag on Obama. Give the man time, he’s only been in office for a week. Also, it will take a while to make up for 8 years of Bush 🙂 Have a nice day. 😛

  19. Because when you change things, you get Reform.

    I wasn’t voting for Obama. However, now that he’s president, I am waiting for him to make good on his stances that were of interest to me. So far, he hasn’t.

  20. “I decided to read your blog in an effort to see things differently. But in one post you seem to imply that our new president is dumb, for lack of a better word (and g-d forbid I should spell a synonym for dumb, lol). ”

    OTD – G-d forbid someone have an even slightly different opinion than yours……How dare they! And you seem to just brush off this piece of info (15B)…..

  21. Off The Derech #101 Says:

    Last time I’m posting, so after this to all a good night. I don’t have a problem with differing view points. I do however see an instant willingness to crucify (parden the term) a candidsate before he has even had a chance. Most people who post here do however. I think it is kind of sad that I returned to J blogs after seeing too many pro-Christian ones. Instead of seeing people change, which is what I had hoped had happened in the 10 years since I left, I still see the same line being towed. If you don’t believe me read your comments again. Everyone is so quick to put down anything that doesn’t strongly support their view point. I just read a commenter on Material Maidel who said that in every way her family would be considered Orthadox. Except that they attend a conservative Shul b/c her family doesn’t agree with the idea that men and woment should be seperated. I’ll never forget my principal in 8th grade not speaking at our graduation b/c it would have been inappropriate. Sad considering that she established the school and made it what it was. B/c men were in the audience she had to take a back seat. W/O attacking one another again, can we at least agree that a situation like that is sad? When we have Vlad Hatzinus (excuse Spelling) in Lakewood, when a wig shop in NYC is vandalized b/c *shock* it had pictures of attractive sheitels on women’s faces? Or even that young girls pictures are blocked in ads for Purim costumes? I don’t subscribe to the idea that the pendulum should swing one way or the other. I don’t think that change should necessarily equal being reform. But a little reform is what is needed. Don’t want to offend anyone any further. My only hope is that you will see my frustration and perhaps understand. If the frum community isn’t willing to bend (in good ways) then you will lose countless others. I’m not lost. However, I do see others who feel that they are Jewish only b/c of their knowing what a dreidel is. Maybe with a little reform you could work them up to knowing what a menorah is 🙂

  22. Off The Derech #101 Says:

    I lied, but only b/c I spelled candidate wrong. Sorry Moshe 🙂

  23. So go to a different shul. Nobody’s forcing you to hang around psycho frummies. I don’t like those people myself and I don’t go to their shul or associate myself with them.

    One of my friends just go married. Mixed sitting and 2nd dance mixed dancing. All the guys from shul came and so did the rabbi. Birthday parties in Shapira in Queens with mixed sitting and big screen plasma TV showing music video, check. Women saying dvar torahs by meals, check. Women joining the kiddush club, check. People listening to music other than retardation causing frummie crap, check.
    Your shul sucks, sucks for you. Join mine.

  24. B”H

    Hmmm…. I never thought of that.

    BTW, I still don’t understand why you call yourself a “punk.”

    The “frum” part I get. I’m not THAT much of an airhead.


  25. Can I rant about FFB blogs here?

    Guys stop posting about ways of being shomer negiah without being shomer negia. It’s very childish.
    If you believe in G-d wait till you get married.
    If you don’t, get laid.
    If you believe in G-d but think He will forgive, get laid again.

    Who the F* are you trying to fool?

    As for OTD blogs, i don’t read them, because i am a BT and there’s nothing new an OTD can tell me. As for the converts, I only read Nameless Faceless, too, because it’s well written and fun.

  26. Ben-Yehuda: Its just a blog identity related to my taste in music. There’s not much here to do with punk rock, although there is some, especially in the earlier days.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    derech agav , lehevi yaduah!
    lakewood has no f* vaad hatznius

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