Living In Lucid Dreams

Sleep is when most of us have our best ideas. Do you know how many great films, songs and works of art are built on visions and stories from the authors dreams? Usually most of us don’t remember our dreams beyond the first minute after waking up, which is a pity. I read recently that some great authors used to keep a pen and paper by their bed to write down their dreams when they woke up in order to keep the ideas and stories they’d invented during the night. I decided to do the same thing.

Monday night I had the most amazing dream. It would have made a fantastic short story, I lived the whole plot during the night. As soon as I woke up I wrote everything down, or tried to. I kept the dream in my head but kept getting interrupted by stupid things. Eventually, I managed to get every idea down, and went back to sleep feeling proud of myself. Then I woke up and realized I’d just had a dream about writing down my dream. It was so vivid too, but all I can remember is how great the first dream was with no details. I have a perfect memory of the second dream though. This kind of irony is the story of my life. I’ve done more mundane things in dreams than in my waking time. In seventh grade my mom would wake me up for carpool at 6.45am, I would then get up, brush my teeth, take a shower, and get dressed, only to be woken up by my mother when the car was beeping outside. I remember dreams about getting dressed in the morning and writing down other dreams, but the dreams that could make my fortune as a writer are lost to the ether.

Here’s an interesting fact: the random strangers and characters that inhabit your dreams are made up of the faces you see every day. All the random people you pass in the street, you don’t register them on any level, but your subconscious does and uses those faces when you dream, because it doesn’t have the ability to create faces that you’ve never seen before.

7 Responses to “Living In Lucid Dreams”

  1. Ive had those dream where you wake do your morning routine only to actually wake up and find it to be a later time.

  2. Really? I always thought I was special.

  3. Cool. One time I had a lucid dream. There are different techniques to encourage lucid dreaming. I think writing dreams down was one of them.

    I have much more fun dreams when I do dream/remember them.

  4. Now if only we could dream during the day, I would call that day dreaming. And we could remember it all. 😉

  5. Since when doesn’t it have that ability. My mind makes up all sorts of things including faces all the time. Lots of architecture lately though.

  6. Faskinatin’ stuff there. I once dreamt the most interesting poetry and couldn’t remember a blessed line when I woke up. Then there’s the one where i jumped off the bed in middle of the night, because the “F” train was chasing me down the tracks…..(we lived near the subway tracks) Definitely makes life more interesting.

  7. I once had a dream that i am eating bread. Apparently it was in the morning so i was almost awake when I realised, Oh no I can’t wake up i must say birkat hamazon! So i started reciting it in my head until I realised that it was all just a dream!!

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