Fast Fast Days

I’m not a great fan of winter. Or rather, not a great fan of real winter. I enjoy a Miami winter, for example, but real winter with its icy roads and freezing temperatures just ain’t much fun. Unless it snows, fresh snow is always fun. But the one nice thing about winter is short days. It’s not normally a nice thing, as the number of people with Seasonal Affective Disorder can point out, but at least a fast day is really just cut down to a skip breakfast and lunch day. The perfect fast is one that’s over just in time for an early dinner, and I enjoyed that.

Didn’t enjoy the rest of the day though. I’ve had the worst cold/flu in ages, so I spent the fast day waiting until I could take some Co-Codamol and cough medicine. I know it’s just a minor fast day, but I can’t bring myself to break them. Old habits and Jewish guilt. Today hasn’t been much better, I’m almost done with a second box of tissues and my skin is all sensitive.

But hey, I changed by Facebook picture. Yup, drew that myself, with a GIMP filter. Although I didn’t realize my kippa was falling off the side of my head until it was up. I hate wearing clips, so I have a real problem with kippa slippage. My hair is quite slidey, so when I lean over my kippa starts sliding. At least once a day I make the grab before it lands in the toilet while flushing, and it nearly always lands in the sink while brushing my teeth. I guess what I’m trying to say is that my kippa is the Dr David Livingstone of kippas. While most will spend their days in the relative quiet of staying on someones head, my kippa has been places, usually of it’s own free will.

2 Responses to “Fast Fast Days”

  1. Sorry to read about your cold,Refua Shelaima. Don’t they make that anti-slidey shampoo for your condition? Pray tell of these “places” your kippa has been. Sounds more exciting than some complete days of mine…

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