I’ll Do Your Meme… This Time

Now that I’ve been tagged by three separate people I’ll give in and do the meme.

First one is:

“Here are the rules: reach for the nearest book and write the 5th sentence, plus the next two to five, on page 56.” (I already did this on Facebook though).

“Whoever thought you’d read: “No famine in Ethiopia”? Now the bad news. That doesn’t mean they’re not starving. Hardly anyones got the cash for a mouldy banana.” That’s from ‘AA Gill is away’ by AA Gill.

Now I’m meant to do seven facts about myself. Which is difficult, because I don’t like talking about myself.

1) In 12th grade, I was able to recite almost every line of dialogue from ‘The Matrix’ by heart. I lost track of how many times I’ve seen it years ago.

2) I have at least fifty t-shirts. (Just counted forty just on my shelf.)

3) One of the most impressive things a Rebbe ever said to me was this time in 9th grade when I spent recess explaining the plot of a certain video game and book series to a friend who was getting into it. I spent twenty minutes going through all these intricate plot and character details. When I finished I turned around and saw that the Rebbe had been listening to me the whole time. He said “so how come you can remember all that, but you have trouble with a daf gemora?”

4) Only about half the blog posts I think of ever get written, due to a combination of time, laziness, content concerns, and the fact that I have my best ideas on Friday night, which are usually lost to the ether by havdalah.

5) Cats love me.

6) My favorite childhood move was Aladdin.

7) I once shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you want to do it, tell ’em I sent you.

4 Responses to “I’ll Do Your Meme… This Time”

  1. Cool that you got tripple tagged, glad you did it!

    2- wow, that’s a lot of t-shirts! I have like about 20, that I wear as PJ’s

    3- that is impressive, that goes along with my theory that really everyone is smart and everyone has brains, it’s just that people channel it in different ways. Even the blonds have brains, they just use it for hair products and fashion like Legally Blond.

    4- that makes sense. Friday night and Shabbos is when I think about stuff the most too, it’s because there’s no distractions.

    7- I hope that’s a video game?

  2. 4- Exactly like me. I have a bunch of half written posts. It’s terribly annoying! And I also think of the best topics friday night!!

  3. number 7 works for me… i hope you didnt copyright it.

    enjoying your blog.


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