Facebook is the single greatest shidduch tool since the invention of the yenta.

It allows people to find out for sure who’s single without the old embarrassing system of having to ask. It allows singles to network, organize events and meet other singles through groups. And when you do get hitched, Facebook is the first place most people will hear of it. Now that most people have internet on their phones, you can change your relationship status seconds after the proposal. Eg: “Ohmigosh! yes!” “Hang on a sec, I just have to change my status”. A relationship isn’t official until you can link your Facebook with someone elses.

It allows you to get a sneak peek. Everyone, whether you admit it or not, as soon as you have name being bandied around for you, you go to search their name, squinting at tiny pics, wondering if messaging them before the phone call would be too awkward, just so you can see a normal size picture. You try the workarounds, changing your network to theirs in the hopes that they won’t have “friends only” privacy settings on, so you can check out their favorite quotes and movies. It’s a great way to plan conversations, drop the name of movie she has listed for an instant connection. “…You Got Served changed my life…”

It allows you to respond to news of an engagement without having to find their number and call them yourself. After all, you’re not really such close friends that a phone call is expected. And personally, I’m just glad I live in a world where I can respond to an engagement with “lol” and noone bats an eyelash.

3 Responses to “Shidduchbook”

  1. To view a bigger pic, logout from facebook and google the name, you’ll get more info and a bigger pic.

  2. hahhaa great post…
    i facebook search every guy i go out with hehehehe
    if he doesnt have facebook, i know somethings wrong with him
    oh and of course i have to check how many girls hes friends with lol

  3. Facebook really is great is a background check of the person. Whenever someone suggests a guy, I check facebook first to see if he’s on there.

    There’s a great greasemonkey script that allows you to see thumbnail pictures enlarged when you put your mouse over them. It’s a really great thing, there are so many other useful facebook scripts, like a birthday one, that will actually tell you the age of the person so you don’t have to try to do any calculations.

    lol, in the beginning, back when I was younger and naaiver and narrower, and whatever you want to call it, I had opened a myspace account and would only message guys who had no friends that were girls. Then it became only ones with tznius pictures of girls. I actually denied a facebook friend request to this girl because she had a slutty picture and I was afraid that people would associate me with her. So I messaged her saying the reason why I can’t be her friend. I forgot her response, but I remember she didn’t get offended, this was a random person. Later on will college I realized I can’t do the picture test anymore, because these goyim of course didn’t have tznius pictures, so then I realized people can be friends with all types and it’s still okay.

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