21st Century Dreidel Version with Y-Love

As Jews, we’ve always had a hard time during this season. While the world around us strings lights everywhere and gets to wear Santa hats we get to light a menorah and spin a dreidel. We can’t even decorate the house and deck the halls with lights, because that would be goyish.

Worst of all are the carols. Sadly, despite the plethora of Jewish musicians, they’ve all put their best efforts to Christmas songs, probably because that’s where all the money is. Everyone from Paul Simon to Barbara Streisand has had a Christmas song or album and they haven’t so much as thrown a musical latke our way.Well we still don’t have a truly joyous set of Chanukah songs to sing around the menorah (although Adam Sandler has certainly tried and come closest) but at least we get a cooler sounding version of that old classic, featuring a rap from the inimitable Y-Love (good question btw).

The album is called “Songs In The Key of Hanukkah” and is out now.

Big ups to Material Maidel for finding it first.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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6 Responses to “21st Century Dreidel Version with Y-Love”

  1. where can we hear the Y-Love version?

  2. Thanks babe!

    It’s a pretty catchy song!

    Y-Love has another song with Erran Baron Cohen! (called Hannukah Hannukah)

    Check out their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/hanukkahsongs

  3. Jacob: I don’t think he has his own, he just guests on this. Dunno, ask hm.

  4. Y-Love totally makes this track…the rest of it kinda makes me want to start singing “Iko Iko.” 🙂

  5. Does that tag say Yeshua? As in Jesus?

    I hate Chanukah, but this is a good song.

    Word up, Yitz!

  6. cute song, I’ve heard so much about Y-Love but never listened to any song from him before.

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