I Just Made CNN!

This is really weird. Go to this page: http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/asiapcf/12/01/attacks.orphan/index.html and click on “From The Blogs”.

See me, second one down? Odd…

Edit: I just read the story, and now I feel depressed and almost like I’m exploiting it somehow. Why’d they have to link me from that story? 😦

8 Responses to “I Just Made CNN!”

  1. now you are on top as “links to this story”

  2. This is really confusing it’s like the linkback that never ended.

  3. Now it links to this post… that’s what happens when one automates linking! At least it will improve your Google ranking. Maybe.

  4. They’re only linking THIS post now…
    I guess it’s true about one’s “15 minutes of fame”……

  5. You do realize this is entirely computer generated, right?
    Look at the blogs the story links to now, they are so unrelated, it’s amazing.

  6. Of course I know its just automatically generated. Its funny how bad their system is at finding keywords that match the story for related blogs.

  7. davenedbydekoisel Says:

    They already have someone else up!! what a chutzpah!! LOL !!!

  8. That’s cool u made CNN!

    But yea I only see this post linked up as a trackback.

    But what did you mean by it making you sad as if your exploiting it?

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