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How Honest Would You Be?

Posted in Me on November 29, 2008 by frumpunk

My grandma is visiting us, so she paid for a takeout so we could all eat together. I went to pick it up. The total came to $65 and change. I give the guy $70 and he hands me back $15. I tell him he gave me too much, and he looks at me uncomprehendingly. I explain the math to him, that $70 – $15 = $55 not $65 and hand him back $10.

The annoying thing is that’s the second time this month that’s happened at a takeout place. My brother was basically livid that I didn’t just keep the money, saying its not stealing if he makes the mistake, but I dont think I’d feel right keeping the money just because he’s bad at math. I’m just mad because both times it was a frum person, who I’d expect to have some knowledge of basic arithmetic. (Well the first guy was a chossid, so maybe not.)

What would you have done? By the way, the guy at the counter was the owner, not just an hourly worker. I hope he doesn’t do his own books.

The one thing I’m really upset about is that I didn’t get a thank you either time, they just took the money back from me. That’s upsetting.