Hair Free, Care Free

There comes a time in a mans life when you realize that some things can’t last forever. I’m looking at my friends and relatives at my age and older and some of them have begun to be deserted hair-wise. I always knew that some people go bald, but a friend I met in New York last August really drove the point home, especially as he happens to be a year younger than me, yet he’s follically deserted beyond his age.

Most people have heard the adage that your hair will take after your mothers father. This isn’t true. I’ve put in a bit of amateur study into genetics and I’ve confirmed it simply depends on the genes you inherit, and those can be from either side. Which is good news for me, as I appear to take after my fathers father, who never seemed to have gone bald, although he died in his sixties, so who knows? My dad is 52 and has only just begun to bald a little at the front. All my cousins on my moms side do seem to have taken after grandad, as they all seem follically challenged by their mid-twenties.

All of this has given me a new-found appreciation for hair. Despite the fact that it seems we’ll be together for many decades to come (unless I just gave myself an ayin hara by writing this) I’ve decided to get to know my hair a little bit better. Hence I haven’t had a haircut since August, much to my mothers chagrin. Right now its just about falling over my eyes (although I tend to keep it brushed up and to the side for convenience).

Now here’s the rant bit: why is it so hard for people to understand I’m not trying to rebel or get attention? I can understand why people would think that about a fifteen year old in yeshiva high school, but I’m a semi-grown, semi-functioning adult. I simply like it. I simply want to see the end result. When did long hair become the anti-thesis of frum? Haven’t these people ever learned the gemorah of our long-haired predecessors, for example, the talmud who would pin his ponytail to the wall so that he could learn all night, and if he started to fall asleep his hair would pull him back and the pain would wake him up? Do you think he was kicked out of the Beis Medrash for looking like a bum?


19 Responses to “Hair Free, Care Free”

  1. Just tell them you’re home-growing a sheitel for future use. πŸ˜‰

  2. It’s interesting you mention this, because as I was reading the part about you growing your hair that it falls over your eyes, I was thinking about a neighbor of mine that went Off the Derech, on drugs and the works, and he has a hair cut that makes him look like a who knows what. But it depends on how the hair is, if it’s still neat, and just long, then it gives a modern look, but if it’s styled that it should fall in your face like those rock stars and stuff, then it makes you look dopey.

    But considering I know that your normal and not a rebel, I feel for you. I myself had to decided to keep my hair long, since when I was younger my mother used to cut it chin length every time, so I naturally wanted it to be long once I had a say in the matter. Then in HS they didn’t let long hair, and for graduation pictures, they made sure that the long hair was behind me so that it didn’t show in the picture.

    But about the genes part, the reason why they say it takes after the mother is because of the whole dominant and recessive genes. I forgot exactly how it works. But one does have more of a chance of the other to pass it down.

    And it’s funny, cause I was actually thinking about the ayin hora part, and then I saw you wrote that. Good thing your grateful for your hair.

  3. A girls’ school didn’t allow long hair?! Why not?!

  4. Just about to ask the same thing as Moshe. Seems a bit strange.
    So you were a rebel? πŸ™‚

  5. yea, hair had to be shoulder length, couldn’t be longer than that, cause then it’s “pritzusdik” I suppose, or bummy, I dunno.
    But I obviously didn’t think it was, and I liked it long, like everything else I like long, long skirts…
    In HS I was sort of a “Rebel” if you want to call it that. I totally thought I was so bad compared to everyone else. But now that I entered the broader world, I’ve realized that it wasn’t so bad afteral and is quite the norm by most people.

  6. Its hilarious to hear you call yourself a rebel. I mean, how restricted was it that you were the rebel!?
    You just seemed kinda sheltered, I remember when you were surprised that I said you could buy beer in a supermarket. πŸ™‚

  7. My only question is, doesn’t it bother you? I think I look better in long hair but when I wear my long wig (as opposed to a baseball cap or a bandanna) it is SO FREAKIN ANNOYING! I am constantly brushing it out of the way. Bad for driving too. No peripheral vision. If you’re cool with that, then who cares? People are stupid and are judgmental for ridiculous reasons.

  8. Frum Punk: I just wrote a post about my HS days, and you’ll see what I mean.

    lol πŸ˜›

    Frum Librarian: your right it can get annoying sometimes, but there’s ways around it.

  9. FrumPunk: btw, I still remember in the beginning you asked who I was, and I wasn’t sure how to introduce myself, lol. I didn’t know if I should say “the babysitter” or my real name.

  10. Librarian: It does a bit, thats why I try and keep it up.

    Babysitter: I knew in advance who was gonna be there, so I knew you were The Babysitter. I was asking for real names.

  11. FrumPunk: O, I didn’t know you knew, because I hadn’t known you were gonna be there, till FrumSkeptic told me when we were walking over.

  12. Just as btw, most BY schools don’t care how long your hair is just as long as it’s in a ponytail and neat in school and at school functions too.

  13. Babysitter

    What do you mean by bummy. Just asking.

  14. too young to teach: right, so I always had it in a ponytail in school and they didn’t give me a problem, it was only by picture day.

    MikeInMidWood: you know, like dunno how to describe it. Like the equivalent of guys wearing jeans.

  15. I wear jeans. You dissing me?

  16. Guys wearing jeans is bad? Someone needs to put together a rule book for these things… I can’t keep track anymore.

  17. It’s not bad, but for those that look at long hair as being bad, that’s the way they look at jeans too.

  18. yea, most high schools have an issue with long hair. my hair was always longer than shoulder length. i found it to be a pain to wear down to school cuz when i bent over my desk to take notes (ha!) it got in my face and stuff. but it always bugged me when my principal made me put it up. i really wanted to tell her that with the ugly-as-sin-uniforms she made us wear, the hair didn’t do much to improve.

  19. in my hs we were supposed to pull our hair back if it was past our shoulders- but they werent very strict about it

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