My Growing Blog

Not to brag, but for the second time so far I’ve made WordPresses ‘Blogs of the Day’ under the ‘Growing Blogs’ section. And this time I’m at 32.


Edit: Have you noticed the related links below are all other blogs celebrating the same thing?

10 Responses to “My Growing Blog”

  1. “Not to brag”. lol. Come on, anytime you have to use that phrase you are clearly bragging. Be proud of the popularity of your blog. Nothing to be ashamed about.

  2. Congrats! and like Jessica said nothing to be ashamed about, your allowed to feel good and be proud of yourself.

  3. yayyy for u!

  4. yay :)!!!!!
    good for you ! 🙂

  5. Will forgive you for bragging.

  6. Hey hey, what’s with this general forgiveness and benevolent spirit?? You ought to do it on an individual basis. Personally, I dunno if I can excuse such bragging…after all, I [bold and italicized] never made it to wordpress’s hall of fame….

    After slight deliberation, I’ve decided to concur with them above commenters. After all, I don’t even HAVE a wordpress blog 😉

    Good luck & kol hakavod!

  7. Yeah, how come you’re on wordpress’ hall of fame and I’m not.
    Clearly, this is a case of discrimination against blogger.
    I’m calling my lawyer.

  8. davenedbydekoisel Says:

    Cool, i think people tap into real life experiences. Mazel Tov!!

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