Geriatriclly Speaking

Oh G-D. I’m old. Its official, I’m one step removed from shaking my cane at those damn kids with their skateboards.

I came home as my sister was on her way out. I asked her where she’s going, she says to a concert. I asked her who it was, and she said something that sounded like “Tire Fire”. I go, “who’s that, a rapper?”

And then I have an out-of-body experience. I suddenly hear what I just said, and the way I said it, as a bystander. And I sound like my mom. I’m only 23, and I have absolutely no idea what the kids are listening to. I mean, I’ve never liked what the kids were listening to, even when I was one of the kids. I was aware that everyone liked Linkin Park and DMX and Limp Bizkit, even while I smugly listened to Sonic Youth, but now I’m not the kid with a better taste in music, I’m the old guy who’s just arrogant about what he listens to with only a vague idea of whats even popular. I mean, I know new bands, but I don’t know whats popular. I like MGMT, but I’ve no idea what vacant poptart the teenagers are going crazy over these days, or what corporate mainstream rock band the kids are banging their heads to, thinking its the coolest thing since, I dunno, Nickelback.

By the way, a bit of Googling reveals she’s gone to see Taio Cruz.

Someone get me a wheelchair and an iTunes playlist.

16 Responses to “Geriatriclly Speaking”

  1. Right there with ya…

  2. I’m so proud that I actually know what Geriatriclly means.

    I dunno who that band is either, I used to know the popular artists cause I would keep hearing them on the radio, every time the same ones. But then I got tired of that, and haven’t listened in a long time. So now I’m mostly listen to music that I got and liked.

    But actually, I know what you mean, but in a different way, my little sister is into new different stuff that I wasn’t into when I was younger. So I realize how many years ago I’ve been at that stage, and that those things weren’t there in my days.

  3. Babysitter: Another sign you’re old is when you can talk about how things were “in my day” and you’re not being sarcastic.

  4. I just play the culture snob part and go on about Yo Yo Ma, Karl Jenkins, and John Schaefer.

    (nothing to difficult, but people get intidimdated)

  5. whoops, I meant “too” diffiuclt

  6. Frum Punk: True.

    Also, I just remembered something. When I took a music class, my professor actually didn’t know any of the popular songs, he only knew the classics and stuff. So in the beginning he downloaded the top 10 itunes playlist and played it for the class, and he didn’t know any of the songs, and the whole class was singling along. He was a very young looking professor, so I thought he would know this stuff. But then turns out it’s just a matter of taste.

  7. I am you.
    I sometimes listen to Z100 (the top 40/pop station in NY) in the car just so I can keep up to date with the young whippersnappers. It doesn’t help that R&B and hip hop are so big now and I really hate that kind of music, almost without exception

  8. I’m an otaku so it’s JPop and anime soundtracks on shoutcast, every day, all day, until one of my neighbors commits suicide. 😀

  9. Moshe, my husband empathizes with your neighbors – he cannot stand anything I listen to except Mozart’s Requiem. I haven’t listen to the radio since about 15 years ago, when I was in 8th grade (talk about geriatric)

  10. Ah yes, your heavy metal preferences. 😉
    Bond and Nightwish are good.

  11. Moshe

    Nightwish I hear is good.

  12. So true, that’s why I love bands like U2, Radiohead, Death Cab ect.. they let me pretend I have something in common with my friends music wise.

  13. i was just talking about this with someone- how kids now a days dont listen to any classics- only pop!

  14. I also stick with my old classics. I can’t even stand the music in Old Navy.

    “I smugly listened to Sonic Youth”- right there with you. I atually listened to part of Daydream Nation while cleaning our mini-van today (along with Piamenta).

  15. This is the main reason that I’m constantly searching for new music to listen to. I don’t want to become the guy who knows every lyric to every song by the beatles and the who, but doesn’t know anything else (like my father-in-law who turned down free great seats to the “Food Fighters” because he never heard of them.)

  16. I, in your father’s place, would have went on youtube and checked out “Food Fighters”.

    Nothing wrong with listening to the same old stuff that you like.

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