I Want That One

Its what you dread. I’m trapped in a store with my mother, who has taken it upon herself to buy me new bedding. I’m not sure why, my Mr Men bedding has served me well for the past eighteen years or so, but with some muttered comments about age appropriateness, we find ourselves here.

“So which ones do you like?”
“I don’t know.” “This one?”
“No, that’s the wrong size. You need a twin and that’s a king.”
“Why is it called a twin? Shouldn’t it be called a single?”

She’s asking me to make bedding choices. I’m trying to explain that I have absolutely no opinion on what my bedding looks like. I don’t even know how to have an opinion on bedding. The way I see it, if its comfortable its fine.

I spy a possible escape. The clearance section. I sneak over and find the motherlode: A bag with a full bedding set inside, in the right size and best of all, half price! I hope that I can get her with the price. If she agrees on this, we don’t have to get anything else, because everythings in the bag. Its almost too good to be true. I calmly walk over to her holding it and say, how about this one? She glances at it, and dashes my hopes for a saved afternoon. “No, that’s not enough tog. You wont be warm enough.”

I run through the possibilities in my head. She’ll want to buy me at least two pillowcases, a quilt cover, a sheet, maybe one of those stupid thing that go under the sheet to hide the bed gap… we could be here for months. And she’ll want my opinion on each item to see if I like it, as I’ve failed to make her understand that I don’t even see most of these things as necessary, and I don’t really understand what the other stuff does.

I give up. When she’s not looking I sneak over to the electronics section.

15 Responses to “I Want That One”

  1. lol so what did u get in the end?

  2. Thats the worst part. Nothing was to her liking. We’ll be doing this again another time.

  3. oh wow so now u have something to look forward to!

  4. bedding? you sound like a rabbit

  5. youre such a brit! i love it!

  6. The shadchunim are dying to know…

  7. I would imagine that even if your not a girl, you would care about what you sleep on. I mean does a pink sheet sound as good as a blue sheet? or a pink one would be girly? Perhaps you just haven’t been inspired to find a good one yet, maybe there’s a linen set with a punk musician on it, or some other character you like.

    It’s actually funny, cause I once heard going shopping compared to shidduchim stuff. That the way you buy stuff is how you search for a shidduch. So I know by me, I can never think up something I want from a store, I always need choices, and have to be able to see the thing, then I know if I want it or not. Same way, I can’t describe what I’m looking for, cause I first have to have choices. So here, if you didn’t like looking for linen and didn’t care what your mother chose…then that’s funny if you think of the the comparison.

  8. Jewish Side: No, I honestly don’t care what my bed looks like. When I need a sheet I grab one from the laundry closet. Pink, blue, red… who cares?

    I’m male. I care about what things can do, not what they look like.

    Good shidduch comparison though.

  9. Right, that’s true I forgot about that part. That men are more into what things can do rather than how they look.

    But that’s so interesting, and so funny, considering then men are more into how girls look, rather than what they are like as a person. So it’s hypocritical. I never thought of that before. I wonder why it’s different in that case. Maybe Hashem made it like that on purpose, that it goes against men’s nature.

  10. … you just blew my mind.

  11. Babysitter- That’s really cute if not entirely true, I’d say guys like girls who *ahem “do stuff” as opposed to just looking pretty, until of course they come back from Israel reprogrammed.

    punk- I’m with you on the linen, I’m a girl and I could care less.

  12. Stacy: I didn’t think of that, but in marriage I would think every girl would be doing the “*ahem stuff”.

  13. I wonder if there’s a way to get wordpress to track a blogger post and link back to it, like it does with other wordpress links.

  14. I bet it’s hard to buy you a birthday present. Could you even choose yourself a present?

  15. Ruth: It is, but only because I can never say I lack something.
    I usually get money or a bill paid.

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