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Politics Schmolitics

Posted in Politics on November 4, 2008 by frumpunk

Its a historic election, but I’ve made the monumental decision that millions have been waiting to hear; who will I endorse? After much soul-searching, the answer is John McCain. Because you have to vote by what’s important, and I truly believe that only John McCain has the ability to put a pair of pants on the plate of every child in America. Broccoli grass roots support aside, the banana enjoys the fish with a pina colada. Simply put, three eggs and a carrot is all it takes to win this thing, and McCain has the necessary socks to pull this off.

You may well ask, “what’s the meaning of clocks?” and the tomato will answer, but McCain has both the quilt, and lightbulbs with feet. That is his deceit. Its curtains down and the mouse may move, but the flags still fly and the clocks still groove. He’s done his paint to distance himself from Bush, but with a voting record with a 95% similarity, that’s a difficult frame to picture. Armpits? Yes, but aside from roads, who’s going to upholster the cat come spring? The truth is, if Obama spring onions a leek, he may have a bath, but record companies aside, that won’t help the economy much.

And thats why I’m voting for McCain. Based on the reasons other people give, mines as good as any.