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I’ve written some reviews of some of the blogs I read often. For the sake of fairness, I’ve limited it to people who I’ve met in real life, so you can be sure I have a good sense of the person behind the words. While writing this, I realized I would probably make a good restaurant critic or something.

Child Ish: Behold! A bastion of brilliance! Brutality bricked by brains, Child Ish channels chinuch checked with cheek. His words are an elixir for the soul and antiperspirant for the mind.

One Frum Skeptic: Sceptically speaking, OFS offers up otherworldly opinions on others. Ranting rapaciously, revealing wrongs and unravelling the rights resting within.

Jacob Da Jew: Jacob jests jovially, just because. Injustice demands Da Jew, dangerously deviant and definite with dialect. Fearlessly fantastic and freely ferocious. He’s never better than when he goes videoing with Frum Satire.

The Babysitter: Adorably awesome and always alert, Babysitter builds upon bounties of brilliance. Channeling child care with life lessons, she seldom sees anything but the best in any situation.

Insanity Now, Serenity Later: The Russian bear of the blogworld, Moshe meshes mind-melting maths with maybe the highest order of rants. He’s a martial arts master, a chief chef and a great gajin. Unpredictable, but he’ll never disappoint.

Modern Uberdox: Modern? Maybe. But a mighty mind melding modernity with mesechta. Wit winged with wisdom when walled with The Way.

18 Responses to “Blog Reviews”

  1. “Injustice demands Da Jew,” I would have put that as ” Injustice! demands Jacob etc..

    Dude, thanks for the hot review! It might just make it onto my sidebar.

  2. Thanks for the review.
    I wish I was a martial arts master.

    Actually, a more fun term and the funnest of all the ones I know is the Chinese one, Gwai Loh, White Devil.

  3. aww thanx so much! I appreciate it!
    Thanx for the review and the link!

    really cool how you wrote the ABC’s like that!

  4. Bit much alliteration, you think?

  5. TYTT, you’re just jealous you didn’t make it onto the list 😛

  6. tooyoung: Is that even possible?

    Moshe: I was referring to your programming posts.

  7. I was kinda thinking you were but as my computer prof said before a test, programming is not math and if you bring a graphing calculator to the test, you get an F.

  8. im a little jealous

  9. 🙂

    thanx for the link!

  10. about the math, reminds me of how everyone things accounting has to do with math. When I say my major they say “you must be good at math” when really it has nothing to do with math, just involves numbers.

  11. I would be jealous, except I was excluded from the list from the get-go as I never met FrumPunk, which was one of his criteria for making it.

  12. Amazingly accurate alliteration. Thanks for puttting a smile on my face.

  13. You would makea bad critic. Wheres the part where you say all the nasty thing about them. (kidding).

  14. tooyoungtoteach- i never met him either. maybe thats what im jealous abt?

    ha he wishes. nah i just want attention like he gave them

  15. It took me a while to figure out exactly what you were saying. But really dude, thanks for the complement. Gotta say, a real ego booster for me. Thanks.

  16. Childish – it’s compliment…know your homophones…and if it took you a while to figure out what he was saying…well then I don’t know how valid his critique is.

  17. tooyoung: Well I said he could write, not read… 🙂

  18. So I can’t spell very well, so what, sue me. It took me ages to figure out how to spell “because.” And to be perfectly honest, I only said that it took a while so that it wouldn’t look so bad that I took a day to comment back. I could have said, “Thanks for the compliment, I was just too lazy to appreciate it in comment form till now.” And I can read, I do it on a daily basis, all I read is grammar textbooks, then I ignore all the rules.

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