They All Suck

Dammit people. This was supposed to be the great election that would fix America. The early campaigning was so promising as well. Then it all went to hell. My man Huckabee is beaten by McCain, Obama won the Democratic primary, but then that was expected. McCain seemed to be alright back in the day, but once he started running for president I started to dislike him more and more. Now its not the mudslinging and stupid accusations that annoy me. The annoyance is that after eight years of ‘W’ its come down between “Inexperienced senator with great oratory skills, with his sidekick, old guy with experience who will do nothing” and “Probably more Bush policies with his sidekick, female moose killer”.

Seriously, the Palin choice pissed me off to no end. McCain had a chance to show himself as a real candidate who was about the issues, and for his VP he picks someone purely to lure the disgruntled Hillary supporters. Great, another VP with a record of lying (the bridge to nowhere thing) and to top it off, all I’ve seen her do is whip crowds into a frenzy with no real substance. Isnt that what Obama was already doing for the previous year or so?

I don’t like Republican policies. But I don’t have anything to like about Obama/Biden either. I’m abstaining this one. As for why I liked Huckabee; politics aside, he seemed to be the only candinate who was a real person, not a set of talking points and quotes.

All that aside, the Jewish press really doesn’t like Obama. In the issue two weeks ago, Mishpacha published a large photo of Obama squinting into the sun, making him look really odd, and I’ve received the same letter from two separate Jewish organizations warning how bad Obama will be for Israel. I’ve already stated my opinion on Israel and American politics earlier.

Also, everytime I read the comments on a  VIN article on politics, I lose a little more faith in humanities right to free speech and democracy.

7 Responses to “They All Suck”

  1. u dont even live in america

  2. you can hardly call anything on VIN an ‘article on politics’


  3. Esther: I do on and off. I’m 23, thats split into roughly 12 years here, 10 in America, 1 in Israel. I’m still a citizen, I can vote here as well as there.

    collegegirl: You have to remember how many of the “heimishe velt” only get their news from VIN and Yeshiva World. Thats basically where I go to get a feel for what the average right wing yeshivish person probably thinks about the issues. I wouldnt care, except that they vote as well, and they vote on issues they dont fully seem to understand apart from shouting points.

  4. McCain reminds me of a creepy old guy, and his weird leering smile isn’t helping.

  5. I agree with your assessment of Obama and McCain (not to mention the Jewish news sources), but disagree with the reason stated for the Palin pick. He had to know an extemely conservative woman wouldn’t pick up Hillary supporters–he did it to solidify the Republican base. McCain has never been really liked by “true” conservatives or evangelical Christians–he’s too moderate for them.

    This election can still go either way, I think–based on how the undecided/independent voters go. Each side has their own base, it’s just the few in between who have the power to shift the vote.

  6. This sabra is voting Obama. If jews think that aligning themselves with Republicans is good for them, well, keep convincing yourself. If you think that a party supported by fundamentalist christians who want nothing more than for every person on this planet to accept Jesus into their life is a good idea, well, go for it. Show some balls Frum Punk. I hope you are kidding, but given what I’ve always known and experienced with the frum, then I’m not surprised.

  7. I voted for Huckabee in the primaries!

    I mostly just read the headlines of VIN, unless it’s something I find interesting.

    I think Obama is going to win the election.

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