Insane? No, just Jewish.

Whats that? Why am I walking down the street in a suit and with an elastic strap over my suit with a couple of keys dangling from it, not to mention the fuzzy blue slippers on my feet? Its just a Jewish thing, seriously.

Next week I’ll be carrying a piece of palm tree and a citrus fruit that I paid $50 for. I need it… to wave around in all directions. Don’t be alarmed.

If you stay tuned, we’ll return to the relative normalcy of candle lighting and spinning tops, everyone knows about Chanukah. Give it a few more months and I’ll be checking my detergent to make sure there’s no wheat inside. Like I said, just a Jewish thing.

11 Responses to “Insane? No, just Jewish.”

  1. Exactly, these actions seem ridiculous to an outsider, but because we know why we are doing them it gives them meaning. Everything about Judaism is like that!

    Hope you had an easy fast and all.

    btw, by us everyone in shul were wearing crocs, all different colors. Then there’s also those shoes that are like canvas sneakers, some people wear the same ones every year since they were married.

  2. Lol. yea, Just a Jewish thing. lol.

    Since my company is frum owned, many of the goyim I work with surprise me by knowing alot of the “weird” things we do. But my cousins, and other distant relatives who don’t have the privilege of working with frummies think these things are weirder than the goyim.


    Hope your fast went well…have a happy and healthy new year. šŸ™‚

  3. Thanks guys, I had a good fast. You dont feel that hungry when you’re in shul all day.

  4. “elastic strap over my suit with a couple of keys dangling from it” What’s with that?

    And It is different for everyone, some people can get very hungry in shul.

  5. Hey, my sneakers helped me to make the light at Coney Island today…Although I musta looked pretty weird to that Mustafa watching me cross: Dude wearing gray pinstriped suit, white shirt and pink/grey tie fly by wearing white sneakers.

  6. In my shul also a lot of crocs. Crocs are awesome. Though after wearing them the whole summer, I know hate shoes and socks and find them very uncomfortable.

  7. I saw some non jews snickering at me with my suit, tie and with slippers. it only made me think “this is what my community thinks is normal then I better get out of it”. Other weird things like a bunch of people chucking bread together out into the water, swinging chickens etc.etc. keep me thinking this.

  8. I hope you had a great Y”K. Don’t forget about praying to the moon and standing on your tippy-toes.

  9. Oh yeah, tashlich. We go to Prospect Park Zoo. The exhibit with kangaroos has a very nice pond with turtles and fish.

  10. Oh, definitely. We look insane to non-Jews. Wearing long sleeves, jackets, and hats in the summer, building huts in the backyard, taking food with us on vacation… And the names we call our kids- Shloime, Mendy, Raizy etc.
    Even I think we’re nuts, and I’m one of us.

  11. Well at least we are unique. My favorite holiday is when we eat flat bread and drink wine till we pass out or over I forget!

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