Days Three and Four

I’m bitten all over. Six on the back of my neck, two on my cheek, three on my elbows, two on my hand and two on my stomach. Met up with Jacob Da Jew tuesday, met Da Wife, Da Baby and Da Shy Toddler. We had a barbecue and later on I met Lakewood Falling Down, who I’d never heard of before but have since looked over his stuff, together we also met Jacobs pet mosquitoes. Also met Moshe picking his kid up from playgroup for about two seconds. I was talking with Jacob about whether bloggers are the same in real life as they are on their blog. Child Ish was exactly as I’d expected. Other bloggers weren’t quite the picture I’d had. But the ones I haven’t met but I read often still have me wondering. Is Frum Skeptic always complaining? Is Frum Satire always hyper and looking for the funny side of things? You know what I mean.

I’m enjoying a lot of stuff about New York, the conveniences of food and the ease of getting around. I like the fact that you pay the same flat fee to take the subway no matter how far you go, it’s also very nice that you can transfer to a bus for free within the time limit. I’m pleasantly surprised by how nice people are here, my stereotypes are completely shattered. My kippa blew off in Times Square and a random stranger grabbed it for me, I was pulling a suitcase up the subway stairs and the guy behind me grabbed the bottom and helped me carry it to the top.

I was dragged to a wedding last night by my friend (he got permission from the chosson who he went to yeshiva with), I have never seen so much free food before. Everything was amazing. I was thinking of those classic Frum Satire posts where he talks about the wedding shmorgs, my biggest problem was knowing how quickly I get full, and trying to ration it out so I get a taste of it all. After a minute I gave up and simply decided to enjoy the moment. I ate until I was sick, then I ate some more. (Bulimia: twice the taste, no calories.) Well I didn’t actually throw up, but I was very cognisant of the fact that I was already full as I took some more schnitzel and pasta. The wedding was rocking as well, entertainment was provided by the Neginah Orchestra, that guitarist was awesome and the drummer was kicking. They did the usual stuff as well as some Piamenta and some stuff I wasn’t familiar with, but whatever they played was great. I was talking with someone about the fact that half the Jewish CD’s out there seem to have the music provided by Neginah. Is it always the same musicians, or is Neginah sort of a rotating musical group? Were these guys the same ones playing on Jewish albums, and if so why isn’t the music better, because these guys kicked tuchus and took names. I always feel slightly sad when I look at a Jewish wedding band, because I know the guitarist, bassist and drummer grew up with dreams of being rock stars and they ended up playing weddings for the rest of their lives. They seemed to be having a great time though.

I’m in Touro right now visiting my friend. Tomorrow we fly out to Chicago. I’ve done a lot of the stuff you guys recommended about New York, whats to do in Chicago and more importantly, wheres the best real Chicago pizza?

Edit: In Manhattan I found an actual copy of The Onion! Kickin’ Rad! as I believe the kids these days say.

13 Responses to “Days Three and Four”

  1. I’m glad I met with exceptions. I guess it is a tribute to my writing that it reflects me so well. I’m also glad you enjoyed the rest of your stay in NYC. It’s always cool to meet people you’ve never met before. Have a good flight to Chicago.

  2. Have fun in Chicago. I don’t know about “real Chicago pizza”, but my favorite pizza place in Chicago is this place called Malibu. It’s connected to a meat restaurant (that’s pretty good too) called Ken’s.

  3. Oh yea, we grow em big in the yard.

    LOL. We just had ANOTHER BBQ and boy, they chewed us up good.

    It was great meeting you!

    And yes, Hesh is always looking for funny shit.

  4. The beginning of your post got ME itchy. Though I haven’t been as bitten up this summer. (Thank goodness) Sounds like your having a good time, and I hope you have a good flight to Chicago.

  5. Have a great flight. Thanks for linking to sites you find interesting; it helps build character 🙂

    I dont know if I’ve gotten over the fact that you referred to me as ‘that weird chick’ (hey, your socks *are* cool). I may have to forward you my therapy bills

  6. lol. I’m not always complaining. I take it out on the blog. I’m very “normal” ask moshe, he met me. heck he called me normal on some other site. lol

    Anyway, glad you’re having fun. :-). Hope you enjoy chicago. have a safe trip

  7. Enjoy the trip. Anita normal?! We were by her house and she tried to get us to join her in worshiping satan! Honest.

  8. Hope you enjoyed your stay in new york

  9. best kosher pizza in chicago would be at Main Pizza on Main.
    spend some time downtown, go up to the observatory in the John Hancock building!!

  10. Moshe’s right. And I almost got him to join too, then my dad broke a glass and the hypnotic effect wore off. :-/

    oh well… maybe next time.

  11. When you in NY till- we can totally meet up

  12. Frum Satire: I’ll be back in NY in about a week and a half. I’ll get your number from Jacob or something, I need to return his phone anyway so I’ll be seeing him.

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