Day Two

I’m typing this one from the Brooklyn Library. They’re charging me $2 per card and each card gives you two half hour sessions. I have 8 minutes left, so I may have to cut this short to get it out there. I asked people for a internet cafe and everyone just told me to come here. I’m not going to risk Touro again, not until I’ve given him a couple days to forget me, then I’ll try and bluff my way in again. Maybe I should get a Groucho Marx disguise kit, the nose, moustache and glasses.

So what I wrote yesterday was just my impressions of a morning in Brooklyn when all I’d seen was a few blocks around Ave J. I was definitely a bit disoriented, and I think I came across as a little pessimistic about the place. Or maybe I’ve just been reading too much AA Gill. He’s a travel writer for GQ and The Sunday Times in London, and he basically goes to places and bashes them. But he’s damn entertaining about it.

So yesterday after publishing my first morning impressions I met up with Mr Child Ish Behavior. He’s pretty much given our day a good write-up, and he was excellent company to boot. We did Manhattan on foot and bikes, took the ferry there and back and I finally got to see the Statue of Liberty. Its a bit smaller in person. Ate lunch at a kosher Subway, I still haven’t managed to finish a single meal in NY. Last night for dinner I had the other half of my breakfast bagel and fries and the chicken melt I had for lunch. Today I had pizza at Pizza Time. I’ve started to be more realistic so I ordered one slice and small fries. Most of the slice and half the fries later I was full. I don’t understand how people can finish meals of large fries and two slices with a large coke. I’m not a small guy, I’m 5’9 and 175 pounds. I don’t know if its that the food here is more filling or what, I just cant eat a normal New York portion of anything. Two minutes left, this ends here. More impressions to come next time I get a computer. Maybe I’ll try sneaking into a different college.

13 Responses to “Day Two”

  1. Ya, good times. Thanks for the linkup. And the fun trip around the city. (Though I manage to finish all the food I buy, no wonder I’m overweight. Maybe I should move someplace with smaller portion sizes.)

  2. Go to the Brooklyn Public Library for free. You get a half hour session, but on off hours you can just keep on going…

  3. What I don’t understand is how some guys do finish 2 slices, fries and a coke and still stay skinny.

  4. tooyoungtoteach: Thats where I was. They asked me if I wanted to sign up and I told them I was just visiting, so she said if I wanted to use the computer I could buy a guest pass for $2.

  5. I can never eat full portions, I say my food is left over for Zechar L’Chorbon, there really is such a thing.

  6. Really? Interesting. I thought you meant Brooklyn College. Anyway, why didn’t you just get a library card, or borrow someone else’s?
    As a side point the library’s getting nasty, they’re issuing new cards next week for more control…big brother is moving in.

  7. dude, I got 2 comupters in 2 different rooms, come over if you need.

  8. 2 slices a drink and fries there is no way I would ever finish that.

  9. Quite a lot of food, I can understand that you couldn’t finish it. (thougjh on a side notem as I think of it, my brother probably could…and he’s one of those who stay incredibly skinny despite that) Oh, and in non-kosher restaurants, the portion sizes are even bigger. I will never understand how anyone could finish a super-sized ANYTHING. Those things are huge!

  10. Sucks that I had to run with my kid to the doctor and couldn’t hang around. By his doc, you either come before 4 or you leave after 5.

    On second thought, you don’t really look like your fb pic, how old is it?

  11. Moshe: That pic is about 2 years old. I just wanted a pic of me playing and I had to use that as I havent played a gig in a long time. I dont think anyone could recognize me from that pic, its too small and its got too many photoshop filters on.

  12. FrumPunk: I’ve never heard of them charging 2 bucks to use the computer. I think someone just wanted you to buy them lunch 🙂 I would offer to give you my library card number, but they may actually want to see the real card.

  13. whatttt?! i can eat 2 slices, fries and a drink!!! and im a girl! yuck u make me feel like a pig. or maybe ur just very unmanly

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