10 Hours and Counting…

My flights in exactly ten hours, no way I’m sleeping tonight. I can never sleep right before a big event. I’m also moving out of my apartment, when I get back I’ll officially be homeless. As a final post until I either get back in three weeks or someone lets me use their computer I give you the last two boxes that haven’t been put in storage yet. Arguably the most important. The last of my books (and there were many) and my portable Gamecube. Also my favorite socks for that weird chick who writes a new blog called (full title) “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It- Syndrome” I can only hope that dash irks you as much as it does me, but then I’m a semi-professional amateur writer. I have literary standards. Go read her blog. She would really like you to. She’s crazy enough to ask a stranger for a picture of his socks.

Also, thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions of what to do in New York and Chicago. As far as I can tell I should eat and visit museums. 🙂

16 Responses to “10 Hours and Counting…”

  1. I beg your pardon. I’m a full professional. The dash is there to stir controversy.

    But thanks for the socks (and the free advertisement).

    Have a safe flight, do weird things so we’ll hear about you on the news. Oh, and when you get arrested, dont forget to mention my blog

  2. End Of World: Your hysterical!

  3. o, and Frum Punk enjoy your flight to NY.

  4. Dude don’t eat museums. They’re really hard to digest.

  5. “Oh, and when you get arrested, dont forget to mention my blog”

    Geez, You’ve been online for how long? A month? Lady, chill out.

  6. You’re just jealous you didnt think of saying that first

  7. Have a good flight, and neat socks. Have fun in Chicago and NY!

  8. where are the socks from???

  9. stam: From H&M.

  10. awesome. my husband is VERY into crazy socks – and skulls. thanks 🙂

  11. Hey Mr I-can’t-stand-hyphens. There’s a new vote on the subject at my site

  12. hahahha stam- as soon as i saw that pic i thought of ur hubby right away!!!!

  13. omg EE you’re EVERYWHERE!!!

  14. im stalking youuuu
    i know where u r. i know what u do…. be verrrrrry afraid

  15. Hey,
    ur blogs are really funny i just read all the ones posted on the first page..in reverse order of course bc i started from the top, but that made it more entertaining i thinik lol.

    anyway, just wanted to say how jealous i am that u got to travel all over the states like that..my friend and i are trying to do the same, both here in america and with Europe and the U.K. we’ve across the ocean twice already going back for round 3 this winter God willing.

    couldnt help but notice in one of ur blogs u mention how from where ur from u have to pay per zone ..and on the bus as well..i remember we had to do that in London and Manchester..actaully hav ea few funny stories bout that lol but uh yeah, u mind me asking if ur british?..it’d be really cool if u are,,not that its not cool if u arent course lol

    ur blogs really are entertainng keep it up.

  16. Maddict: Thanks! I’m not sure what to call myself anymore, and I have dual citizenship anyway, so I can’t even refer to a single country as “mine”. I am originally from England though, yeah.

    Be warned: Travelling is fun, but it involves days without showering, brushing your teeth, and possible eating nothing but chocolate and chips if you forget to bring food on Amtrak like I did! Make sure you bring pyjamas on any long bus or train ride, its much more comfortable to wear.

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