Where’s East 18th Street, how far away is it from a Subway stop, and whats interesting around there?

Yeah, it’s my first real trip to New York.

Edit: Not there yet, I fly in on Sunday.

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  1. Dont forget to follow my subway etiquette, on my blog (why, yes, that was a shameless attempt at advertising…how did you guess?)

  2. did you come to visit someone? maybe ask them

    your 1st trip? wow…i’m from Redneck Central, visited friends in ny a couple times, but didn’t really like it. Loved miami though

  3. 18th street and what? lol

    considering you’re prob speaking of somewhere in “flatbush” its rather interesting. 2 blocks from the subway (subway on 16th). Dunno exactly which block, but you’re very likely near a kosher Dunkin Donuts, a few kosher pizza’s, awesome fleishig restaurants, lots of Judaica shops and w/e.

    But then, 18th street is verrrrry long. I need more info on which avenue’s you’ll be staying between.

  4. The subway is on est 16th if you are taking the Q or the B train unless you are taking the F or D that brings you to McDonald Ave which is like East 1st. Whats around there is stores if you are getting off at kingshighway, ave. M, J and U.

  5. KT: I’m in New York for a wedding and then to Chicago for another one. I’m staying with one of my brothers friends in Brooklyn until my friend flys in on Tuesday, and he’ll be working so I’ve got 2 days to explore by myself.

    Miami is one of the places I grew up so I’ll take that as a compliment. 🙂

    Anita: I dont know. Just asked him for his address and thats what he said. Is Flatbush in Brooklyn? I thought it was a different area.

    Mike: Thanks, but you just drowned me in meaningless letters! That’s all straight over my head.

  6. 18th and what? J? M?
    Wanna come for shabbat? I’m on M and 12th.

  7. Flatbush is what frum people call “midwood” because for some reason they think its flatbush. Eitherway, its in Brooklyn.

    If you need info on anything, you should totally email me,

    I check my email like 100 times a day.

  8. Moshe: Don’t know. I’ll have to ask him. He just told me he lives on East 18th in Brooklyn. Thanks for the invite. The only shabbos I know I have free is the 13th. I fly back on the 17th, be in Chicago for the 30th and Virginia for the 6th.

  9. Anita: Thanks, much appreciated.

  10. o, wow, enjoy NY.

    looks like you got all the info you need.
    you can check for more information about train stops and so, you can see the map there, and information about delays, schedules and other stuff.

    About what to do in the flatbush location, there’s not much to explore besides shops. There are a few bowling places. Other than that not much.

  11. superraizy Says:

    If you have just two days to spend in Brooklyn, then spend one day exploring Jew-land (Avenues J and M in Midwood, and 13th Avenue in Boro Park). Spend your second day exploring the Brooklyn Museum, the Botanical Gardens, Prospect Park, and Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, which is the home of Lubavitch.
    Or- if you’re sick of Jews entirely, then check out the shopping in Downtown Brooklyn, near Court Street, or the marina in Sheepshead Bay, or forget Brooklyn altogether and hop on a subway to Manhattan.

  12. The best idea I can come up with is to walk around Manhattan, looking important, and interview people. Then post it on this blog. 🙂

  13. EndOfWorld: Oddly enough on the day I’ll be meeting someone in Manhattan I have to wear a suit all day because I’ll be going straight to a wedding afterwards. Someone give me a video camera and I’m totally up for it.

  14. Please, please, please install this plugin

  15. Moshe, I’d love to but I can’t. WordPress charges you if you want to use anything besides the standard layout and widgets. If I could I’d edit the CSS to make it widescreen and have three columns.

  16. That’s why livejournal and wordpress suck, get blogger. Or at least your own site from 1and1 and host from there.

  17. Don’t forget to go to Di Fara on Avenue J and East 15th Street – the best pizza in the US. You can check out Zagat and any other serious article on pizza and Di Fara is cited.

  18. An interesting market, known as Pommagrante, just opened on Coney Island Avenue and Avenue K. It puts Whole Foods and Wegman’s to shame. High quality produce and food and has all of the frum certificates of approval. And, I don’t even live in NY.

  19. Spend some time Brooklyn and then head to the Soho area of NYC — super interesting and reflects the high energy of New Yorkers.

  20. Just realized that I have responded a bit late to the person making the inquiry. My apologies. Still, Brooklyn is worth a visit. Don’t expect to find good bagels in NY. The best are made in a small “hole in the wall” bakery in Montreal called Fairmont. Try them and you’ll see what I mean. Awesome!

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