Phone + Camera = Random Pictures

I’ve been away for a few days and working nine hour days since then so my blog suffers. During lunch today a great post formed in my head and I mentally added throughout the day. If it comes to fruition it’ll be a drastic departure from my usual stuff.

Here’s a pic I shot of where I went last weekend in all its two megapixel cellphone glory. Cookie to anyone who figures out where it is. As always you can click the picture to open it full size.

And this is a random flyer I saw. What’s wrong with it?

Also, I’m digging the cover of ‘The Boxer’ on the new Me First album. Not such a fan of the rest of the tracks apart from ‘Only The Good Die Young’ (thought I might be biased due to being distantly related to Billy Joel) but I haven’t really given the rest a chance yet. I’m sure they’ll grow on me. How sad is it though that when I saw a track was called ‘Rich Girl’ I thought it would be a cover of that Gwen Stefani song that stole the melody from ‘Rich Man’ from Fiddler on the Roof? Says something about my knowledge of the classics.

9 Responses to “Phone + Camera = Random Pictures”

  1. The first picture, the bridge in the background looks like one in Jacksonville, FL, but I don’t really recognize the rest of the area. The second picture? Um….bitches don’t get neutered, they get spayed, but other than that, no idea.

  2. I see white pants reflected in the first picture, so looks like it was taken through a glass window from a building. But I have no clue where it is.

  3. Oh, I didnt even notice I was reflected in it. It was taken from the top floor of an art gallery.

  4. Hmm
    I’m usually pretty good at these..
    is it in the states?

  5. Not in America! I don’t expect any more guesses now that thats been revealed. 🙂

  6. I’m gonna guess Manchester?

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