Oh Dear

The Shidduch Score Test -- Make and Take a Fun Quiz @ NerdTests.com's User Tests!

What does it mean?

Your shidduch ranking is below average, nebach. With much Tehillim and tears and brochos from the Munchausener Rebbe, there is a slight chance that you will be set up with someone who might deign to consider you (but don’t get your hopes up too high.)

10 Responses to “Oh Dear”

  1. My husband and I took this yesterday. Each of us got the “sub-par” rating. Good thing we found each other. We may never have gotten married!

  2. whoops. meant “below-par”, not “sub-par”

  3. Below-par, 22. Though I think big part is because of my age.

  4. I got average.

    “You are a decent, if average prospect. You have a relatively good chance of getting set up with a somewhat reputable character in the shidduch circuit.”

    If I got average, theres something wrong with the test. lol

  5. Anita: If you got average think about how bad that makes me!

  6. You got average?! Dude, you’re prime candidate for “not now, not ever, don’t even try you g-dless heretic.”

  7. I got below-par, too. 🙂

  8. frumyenta Says:

    It says I’m above average: You are a solid shidduch prospect. You might not qualify as a top boy or girl but you come very close. You should not have much trouble finding dates. Much Mazal and Glick on your shidduch journey.

    I s’pose that’s good… 🙂

  9. Frum Yenta: What happened to your blog?

  10. frumyenta Says:

    I decided it wasn’t worth having for a coupla different reasons, but I’m still hanging around here in the blogosphere.

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