Nostalgia Tripping

When I get into something I get into it totally. When I read a book I like from an author I’ve never read before my next step is usually to read everything he’s written until I’m sick of his style. I did it with John Grisham when I was 13, Jefferey Archer a few years later, Nick Hornby in Israel, Woody Allen and Colin Bateman this past year, and it looks like Philip K. Dick is next. This applies to everything, I never understood the pleasure of shuffle on iPods. When I stocked shelves I would listen to my Zune and in a day would usually go through a bands entire discography. I find it jarring to have a playlist or shuffle and jump from style to style. I only use playlists when I want specific songs, but they’re always all from the same band. The only thing this doesn’t work for is movies. Maybe it’s just that I enjoy the script more than the acting, but I’ve never seen a movie that made me want to see other things by the same actor. Well, except for when I saw The Transporter. I watched everything else by Jason Statham over the next few months. It’s been years since I actually watched TV, usually I’ll see a show on DVD, which means I can watch a whole season at once, and if I like the first episode I usually will.

So on that note I’ve been on a nostalgia trip and have been listening to albums I’ve neglected for years. Sunny Day Real Estate are one of my favorite bands. You’ve probably never heard of them, but you know their sound from current screamo bands such as Thursday and Taking Back Sunday. I’d call them the Godfathers of the emo/screamo genre along with Rites of Spring and maybe Fugazi. So after a lull of several years I rediscovered their first two albums ‘Diary‘ and ‘LP2‘. I’ve listened to their last two albums a lot, but somehow neglected the first two for ages to the point I forgot the songs on it. At this point I’ve had them on repeat since Monday and I can’t believe I ignored it for so long. This nostalgia trip had me digging through some plastic tubs that hold my life from about 14-20. I’ve reread an issue of Guitar World from March 1999 that had a whole retrospective on the 90’s. (Does anyone know how to preserve magazines? It’s very tattered and I’d really like to keep it.) That kind of thing was important to me as until the indie movement hit I hated all the music of my generation in favor of 80’s and 90’s alternative and underground. Usually Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit were on the cover of music magazines.

Also I just finished something else I neglected reading for ages, Philip K. Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?’. I’m not usually into Science Fiction but this book transcended the fantasy and went into themes of morality and choice. One poignant passage that I loved: “I lifted you from the tomb world just now and I will continue to lift you until you lose interest and want to quit. But you will have to stop searching for me because I will never stop searching for you.” I recommend reading it in context.

Some Sunny Day Real Estate media to give you an idea:

Snibe | Every Shining Time You Arrive | In Circles | Seven | Rain Song

5 Responses to “Nostalgia Tripping”

  1. I’m a bit like that as well when it comes to authors, though not always. And I love taking little trips down nostalgia lane, and hae i mentioned I’m happy that you posted again? I really am.

  2. I’ve never seen anyone categorize Taking Back Sunday as “screamo”… I thought the lead singer had to scream (at least during choruses to be forced into that genre).
    And there are still people out there who haven’t heard of Sunny Day Real Estate?

  3. I actaully reread “‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep” last summer, after trying to explains clones to my 7 yr old…then I watch Blade Runner (director’s cut).

  4. Chris_B Says:

    The last guy I knew who went on a full PDK rip had to be hospitalized within 6 months, no joke. I’ve tried a few times to read his stuff but never could finish one besides DADoES and I only finished that because I was writing my film school final paper on Blade Runner (theatrical cut, not any of the abortions that have come from Ridley Scott’s cocaine addled skull since then).

  5. Chris: Keep an eye on me then. If my posts start going off the philosophical deep end, call the blogging ambulance.

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