The Happenings

I sat here for about five minutes with nothing written trying to think of a good title. It doesn’t help that I’m unable to think clearly due to being tired yet unable to sleep after sleeping two yom tov afternoons in a row. Even sleeping shabbos afternoons usually messes me up until Monday. So I accept this lame title as a byproduct of a mind functioning at less than optimal capacity.

First up, thanks very much to everyone who gave advice on my car rental dilemma, especially Jacob Da Jew who went beyond the call of duty. It’s situations like this that give me a real sense of achdus among Jews. Looks like renting outside of New York is the way to go. I need to sort out some logistics, but the price has become far more doable. I knew about the Chabad corporate thing already, but I’m not sure if it’s really right to use it. My closest affiliation to Chabad is from davening there sometimes, and playing in a band called 7Seventy. Speaking of, I’m in the process of starting a new one. If we ever make it, look for an album by ‘The Usually Excellent’. At the very least it’s a good summer time-filler.

Recently, I realized that one of my brothers friends, a devoted atheist, is the son of a prominent kiruv rabbi. This had me pondering the question of whether or not you should be able to teach something if you weren’t able to even teach it to your own children? I mean we’re talking about a rabbi who’s renowned for his ability to show people that G-D exists and the torah is true, but he couldn’t pass that along to his own children. It seems that it’s the children of therapists and professions like that who have the most messed up kids. My exhibit A is the son of famous radio therapist, Dr Laura Schlesinger, a woman whos voice is forever drilled into my head along with her catchphrase (“…Call 1800-D-R-L-A-U-R-A…”) because my mom listened to her show religiously, no matter how much I would try to point out that she doesn’t say anything besides the obvious, never mind the idea of people taking advice on fixing their lives and relationships from a two minute radio chat with a celebrity.

Lastly, this post from Material Maidel. (Incidentally, ‘maidel’ is one of the words I never heard of before I started reading blogs written by New York Jews.) I don’t understand the mentality of relaxing kosher standards when you’re on holiday. If you normally would only eat things with a hechsher, it’s beyond me how you’d eat fish at a non-kosher restaurant when you’re on holiday. Does that mean you normally wouldn’t eat non-kosher only because you’re afraid of being seen by someone you know?

Oh, and the green hair to the right? It’s a photoshop. Dying my hair is one of the few things I want to do but won’t due to society and familial constraints. Also, they told me in high school that it was considered ‘davar ish’ (a womans thing). Not to mention they would have expelled me. At least computer trickery lets me see what I would look like.

8 Responses to “The Happenings”

  1. Chabad corporate account is officially for public use and can be located on shmais and crown heights info.

    Furthermore if you are over 25 corp accounts rarely save money. I have found countless times that Enterprise is cheapest, rents to under 25 year olds and has this kick ass weekend special.

  2. I dont know how people would do something on vacation more than at home. I could only think of one reason, because the person is forced into a life they dont want. They only keep there “lives” because of what people might say. its sad.

  3. I’m not a big fan of the green hair. I’m thinking that electric blue might be more your color.

  4. Regarding the rabbi, maybe he learned from his mistakes. Who better to teach you than someone who’s been in your shoes.

    I understand relaxing kosher standards like eating cholov stam when you normally eat cholov yisroel or not eating pas yisroel or anything similar because you’re in some place in the middle of nowhere and you eat what you can get. Fish at a not kosher restaurant is not kosher for several reasons. Cooked by a goy, though you can claim that fish doesn’t need cooking. Not kosher oil. Same frying pan used for cooking not kosher fish. Plates used for not kosher food.
    btw, I think sashimi would be kosher.

    I agree with Raizy, go for blue

  5. Lawrence and James Lipton. nuff said

    who doesnt want to rebel against their parents ideals?
    now imagine your parent is a teacher or rabbi who basically spends their life preaching their views and opinions to other people and duh

    i’d go with red streaks or blue, the green reminds me of freshly mowed grass

  6. It’s one of life’s ironies that many children take the exact opposite route from the area of expertise that a parent excells in.

    Maybe in a way it can serve as a reminder to a parent not to rest on their laurels. Not that I in any way am saying the rabbi you refer to (not that I would have any clue as to his identity) needs that, but Dr. Laura on the other hand (yeah, I used to be a listener too, back in her heyday) was starting to get a little too all knowing and smug for my liking.

    As a co-teacher and I like to say about arrogant parents who dote on their gifted and talented children and act very condescendingly towards parents whose children are very weak “Pride goes before a fall” and “there but for the grace of G-d go I”–some of them end up pretty humbled when a younger child comes along not as bright as the oldest (no I don’t teach in a Jewish school).

    History and Torah as well is replete with examples of such parent/child relationships.

  7. Quite welcome, bro. Holla at me when you roll in, maybe we can set a meet.

    Did ya get that email that I forwarded to u?

  8. Yeah, thanks for that. I’ll drop a note when I get closer to sorting what I’m doing. Looks like I’ll be meeting a few other bloggers.

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