More Ears Breaking

For the few of you who bothered to listen to any of the songs I posted from my old band in ‘The Sound of Ears Breaking‘ or more specifically, for the single crazed individual who actually requested more, my bandmate set up a MySpace with some more demos.

As I said, I brought the punk and he brought a bit of old school metal and basically prog-rock to the table, so since he picked the songs there’s very little punk. Though he put up our version of ‘Twinkle’ and all of the songs have my influence so there’s a bit of punk style in all of them. Doesn’t look like any of the Jewish ones made the cut. I have a CD of Jewish songs we did but we never did vocals on them so it’s just instrumental versions of some Jewish classics.

For anyone wanting to see a color pic of me, I’m the one with the Les Paul pushing the shopping cart. That’s an outtake from some publicity shots we once did. The poster says Stereofuse because that’s what we called ourselves before we discovered another band called that.

My all-time fave, Yechi, isn’t up there sadly. I’ll have to speak to him about that. We might record some new stuff this summer.

Edit: Wow, that’s spazzy. Forgot the MySpace link.

One Response to “More Ears Breaking”

  1. Where’s the link to the myspace page?

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