Fond Memories

Check out a yeshiva memories post from Mike in Midwood.

Mine wasn’t that bad (I’m talking about my yeshiva high school here) but in one classroom the ceiling tiles always sagged because the pipes above leaked and it would build up until once a year the whole ceiling would collapse and we’d spend a gemora shiur with brooms cleaning. This went on for two years before they actually fixed the pipes. I guess it was cheaper just to replace the tiles and let them collect the water for a year.

Also our milk was infamous. One year the purim play had this bit which I always thought was great:

*Principal is on a game show*

Host: So Rabbi, for your final question to win the million dollars… “How long does milk take to spoil?”

Rabbi: “Hey, that’s a trick question. Milk never spoils. I once had some milk that was twenty years old! It was a little crunchy, but still good.”

Our school got all the food from the food bank. Every box of cereal was carefully opened and checked, because more often than not there were insects inside the bag. I don’t know how they got in there, I thought they’re all airtight? Most kids would just buy their own cereal. Breakfast fun also involved the occasional cockroach when someone at a table would see it scurry under and yell, causing everyone to jump up on the bench. After all, who wants a roach on their shoes?

On a different note, I feel stupid everytime I get an album that came out a few years ago that I didn’t bother to get until now. Jeremy Enigk’s second solo album, ‘World Waits’ is fantastic. Can’t wait for his third one which should be out this year. I’m listening to The Fire Thefts self titled right now. I love his solo stuff, but really wish they’d get back together for another band album. I need my SDRE fixes.

I’m starting a habit of uploading a song whenever I mention music I’m enjoying, seeing as most people will have never heard of these bands. This is ‘It’s Over’ by The Fire Theft. Just click the link to go to a page to stream the song.

It’s Over – The Fire Theft

5 Responses to “Fond Memories”

  1. You gotta love bandcest, SDRE, Foo Fighters, The Fire Theft, and unfortunately Dashboard Confessional.

    you know I actually thought I discovered Bishop Allen (pre sony commercial)
    I was pretty depressed when I realized most of my friends already liked them.

  2. I actually like Dashboard. They’re emo but semi-original about it and before it was a big thing. ‘The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most’ is a classic. I certainly don’t lump them in with Fallout Boy and MCR. I don’t even get why they’re called emo. FOB is watered-down pop-punk and MCR is watered-down glam rock. Lets try and save the good name of emo.

  3. Sorry i should’ve put a disclaimer, I like ‘the places you have….’ and ‘Stolen’
    but they are emo and it’s going to take more than that to try and save any shred of dignity emo has left. though i guess Jimmy eat World is trying.

    FOB is pop ‘punk’ with massive amounts of emo, sorry and i’ve never actually listened to MCR i just know i hate them on principle, and imagine them to sound like a version of Panic At the Disco which just annoys me.

  4. FWIW, Foo Fighter happen to be one of my guilty pleasures.

  5. Thanks for the link. Our leaks were mainly in the auditorium and it rained by every graduation, everyone got wet.

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