Weezer just released the video for ‘Pork & Beans’. They’ve managed to drudge up every youtube celebrity and ancient meme from the past few years to star in it in what I can only assume is some bid for new relevancy. Everything from ‘all your base are belong to us‘ to ‘Chocolate Rain‘. Only the Diet Coke and Mentos guys are cool enough to actually get this kind of recognition. The stuff takes talent. Remember what I said in OMIGOSH? Yeah, looks like Weezer is officially dead. I was literally cringing while watching it. I’m just gonna hold on to the Blue Album and Pinkerton, occasionally play Green and Maldroit, and pretend they broke up after those and never actually sunk to this level. Maybe if I upload a video of me sobbing videogame catchphrases in an ironic tshirt while pretending to swing a lightsaber, I can be in the next single?

11 Responses to “Ouch.”

  1. Very nice! (Borat reference).

  2. well the song by itself is kinda cringe worthy so it’s not that surprising but still disapointing.

  3. I thought the song had potential. On the plus side, I got an Only Crime album to listen to instead.

  4. And sonic youth is making an album for starbucks.
    what is this world coming to?
    I guess i’ll stick to Momufuku, so not a disapointment

  5. Thurston says its because they’re the only ones left who can sell cd’s. Its supposed to be a covers album, right? I read about it ages ago but don’t remember much. I think the dude just wants to retire in luxury.

    Is momofuku good? I need to listen to more Costello. I’ve only really heard This Years Model.

  6. Yeah but the fact that radiohead, beck and the flaming lips are choosing songs doesn’t make it hurt any less.

    momofuku is completely amazing. I’m a total costello freak

  7. Just for the irony I’m still going to download the SY album. I’ll add momofuku to my cd pile. It’ll get a listen right after Marquee Moon.

  8. Weezer did a video with the Muppets a few years back… this is just a natural progression (or, rather, regression).

  9. Nah, the Muppets are awesome and are well regarded. The ‘Keep Fishin’ video was cute and nostalgic. A video with the “leave Britney alone!” kid is just pathetic.

  10. I think they are both equal in their originalities though. Either way, the song is growing on me, regardless of the video.

  11. i nominate Chocolate rain as the #1 most likely song to get stuck in a person’s head, weezer second

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