Recipe For Hate

The last post got a decent amount of discussion in the comments and I personally received several messages on Facebook about it. One person was upset that I posted at all, saying the stories are false and have been around forever. Basically, frum urban legends, like the hot dog at camp story. I don’t live in New York or in a community like it, I was simply posting things I had trouble believing myself so I asked you out there who live in these communties to tell me what you know. Most of the comments seem to corroborate the stories in some way or another. I was told that I shouldn’t have posted because it’s a Chillul Hashem and all I’ve done is give the non-frum something to point at about frum communities. The question here is do you practice censorship based on possible Chillul Hashem? My feeling is no, because that seems to be the standard rule and it only works until the scandal reaches epic proportions and gets published anyways. Ask the Catholic Church about that strategy. Besides the point, this isn’t even one of the major blogs.

I’ve been inundated with negativity lately. Publishing anything negative is a lightening rod that will split any group into two camps. There’s “thank you for saying that, these things need to be publicized” and “we have enough hate from the anti-semites, we don’t need a Jew doing this to us”. From the comments to the post which are currently being debated in a facebook group discussion that I can’t read because you apparently can’t join a group message you weren’t originally part of, there seems to be a degree of truth to the stories. Just last night I read some posts on various blogs from late last year about Sephardim not being allowed into Ashkanazi yeshivos in Israel. Seems when a community gets large enough everyone likes to split up into their own factions and obtain that wonderful feeling of superiority that you get from excluding others. I base that on having mostly lived in small communities where everyone davens and learns together. It’s like when I went to the Golan a few years ago and we davened at a shul that had seemingly everyone in the Golan there for shabbos. Seeing striemels mix with velvet mix with srugies mix with hats of various colors mix with… it’s heartwarming. But when Judaism is split into factions based on where your ancestors are from and who they followed as their leader, that’s a recipe for hate.

Update: To make a few things clear; first of all, I don’t claim that what I read is the truth, whether it be the sephardim exclusion or anything from the other post, there’s no evidence of anything besides the fact these stories exist. I tend to think there’s some truth in it, but I don’t know. My point is that it’s sad when stories like this exist, even if it’s an isolated case as I’m told the sephardi exclusion one is.

6 Responses to “Recipe For Hate”

  1. The only way to improve things is to admit they are going on. If something is not factual and is brought out into the open, then yes, people can come out and disprove it.
    Yeah, I wouldn’t take out a full page ad in the New York Times, but what is wrong with addressing such concerns in the right sort of forum, as long as you keep things respectful and do not degenerate into vulgar name calling/language?

  2. ” I was told that I shouldn’t have posted because it’s a Chillul Hashem and all I’ve done is give the non-frum something to point at about frum communities. ”

    The thing is, is that non-frum people don’t know what this is all about. My mom sent my blog to a friend of hers, the first thing she did was check what the word “frum” was on wikipedia. Then she asked my mom what the Homodia was, and she basically couldn’t get through 2 posts without calling my mother. Had I offeneded anyone she wouldn’t have caught it. it was all foriegn to her.

    Plus, if anyone tells you that these things are a chillul hashem, tell them the Yated shouldnt be allowed to be published, lakewood should be banned, frum people in brooklyn should be banned… I can go on and on…

  3. In a way I can see the concern cause through internet anyone can google and find things they usually wouldn’t find, cause normally only Jews buy the Yated and Hamodia, so its ok if it includes some stuff that can make a chillul Hashem.

    But then again there’s a news website for Jews that non-Jews can see which includes many news articles that can cause a chilul Hashem, but their not opinion based.

    There could be a problem with having a blog that is only meant as away to denigrate the Jews by giving opinions. But if its just a side effect and not the main cause, then it could be okay.

    But I wouldn’t say your previous post shows anything bad about the Jews or can cause a chilul Hashem, cause its just regular stories, the non-Jews wouldn’t even understand what the issue is. Like FrumSkeptic said.

  4. I’m behind you 100%. I’m wondering if any of those nay sayers are married and if they have children. It’s nice to talk about theories until you’re in that situation.
    With some help from others, I started something that will really get them foaming at the mouth. A site, where all those rules and schools can be matched up and where parents can see to which school they should send their kids.

  5. Be a punk and do what you want to do. Don’t worry about the nay sayers.

  6. This kind of thing really pisses me off. It’s one thing to be genuionely naive or idealistic about the state of the Orthodox community (not saying I advocate being ignorant, but some people just are). But to KNOW when things are screwed up and be content to sweep them under the rug- that’s just silly. How can you fix anything without picking it apart, analyzing it, even publicly. Especially publicly, because that is how the real garbage gets brought to the forefront….

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