Status Update

My status: The posts have been coming in slower due to it being the season to re-discover religion. Yes, finals time. For me that means projects are due and I’m always behind.

Blog status: Look to the right –> I now have a facebook style status. And yes, that album rules. I will no longer be subject to the taunts of my fellow man, for I proudly admit to liking the pop-rock of Tegan and Sara.

Friend status: One of my facebook friends had this brilliant status:

*friend* finds it immensly ironic that he is listening to christian acapella radio all day…for religious reasons. “Oh happy day!…”

4 Responses to “Status Update”

  1. What’s wrong with liking Tegan and Sara? I loved them since I heard it on Veronica Mars about 4 years ago. and the soundtrack is awesome btw.
    plus they toured with ryan adams and weezer so that totally ups cool factor.

    You’re Rick Astley header totally made me smile.

  2. As a girl, being able to like lesbian pop duos just comes easier than a straight guy in his early 20’s. Its all tongue in cheek though, but I’m fairly certain noone I know has even heard of them. I really need a more open-minded group of friends. Plus it kinda breaks the hard image one has, when you’re singing along to ‘Speak Slow’. 🙂

    And it’s amazing how Rick Astley is still funny. On that note, I really wish I’d been at this gig as I’m a big fan of Molly as well as Jonathan Coulton:

  3. I guess there are some advantages to being a girl. If I heard a guy singing along to speak slow I’d think he was kick ass, but that’s me I guess.

    omg that video is now my new favorite thing ever. I love love johnathan coulton.

  4. Tegan and Sara are awesome. I used to listen to them back in high school when our cable provider provided us with Much Music. Oh, Canada, you do have purpose…

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