Welcome Ladies…

In honor of my blogs mostly female readership I have chosen a more feminine friendly theme.

Who’s up for a banana smoothie?

13 Responses to “Welcome Ladies…”

  1. This certainly is a change…just a little too pink for me. I tend to like the cooler, more soothing colors but hey, it’s your blog and I like that you want to change it up every so often.

  2. Pink on pink with flowers… I must admit, I feel slightly less dangerous and more inclined to spend a day picking tomatoes or something. It’s so not punk, and therefore it’s so incredibly punk. Or am I treading on emo territory?

  3. theres definitely an avril vibe, but hey shes punk right?

    wheres the sunny day real estate header? it was up for like a minute.

  4. Oh Stacy, why!?

    You’re cool enough to regonize some SDRE lyrics, and then kill it by implying there’s anything punk about Avril.

    I’m so dissapointed.

  5. sorry i guess my particular brand of sarcasm is not recognized online.

  6. Sarcasm is hard to detect online. But I’m relieved you werent being serious.

  7. How can you tell your readers are mostly female?
    the background change is actually a pretty good one for a girl. Problem is the column is too narrow.

  8. Its an assumption made on the fact that just about all my steady commentors appear to be female. (Look above you: A, Stacy, Jessica and you.) Maybe guys just dont comment much.
    As for the theme, the column width is ridiculous, and it doesnt support custom headers. If they fleshed it out a bit it would be an excellent theme.

  9. Just got here. Glad it’s not pink. Hard to look at sites on colored backgrounds during the work day.

  10. stacy keach, stacy augmon, stacy jones, among others, are in fact dudes.
    i’m just saying.

  11. How’d you know I’m female? Not that I’m trying to be ambiguous about it but I’m wondering what gave it away?

  12. You responded in a thread titled “Welcome Ladies”.

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