No posts for a few days, okay?

(Kidding, but… y’know. Seriously. This is what my special edition of the Blue Album with the second disk of demos only hinted at. It’s also good practice for the red album which is supposed to be out end of June. Of course if that sounds anything like Make Believe I might have to swear off weezing forever. The first single ‘Pork & Beans’ can be heard over at weezer.com)

Edit: There’s a free album of Weezer tributes floating around. It’s a great download. Probably not until after sefirah for most of you, but give it a listen when you can. Very well done.


9 Responses to “OHMIGOSH!!!”

  1. i havent made up my mind about ‘pork and beans’ yet.
    Make Believe sucked so bad! i do love weezer though

  2. I know what you mean. Its got the classic hooks but the lyrics make me a bit queasy.

  3. what’s with not until after sefirah for some people? am I missing something, or is this related to the part about not getting married in the spring unless it’s L’ag B’Omer? Weezer is good. Thanks for the link.

  4. Most people don’t listen to music during sefirah. Some, including myself do listen to pre-recorded music but not live.

    Maybe I’m overestimating the frumness of my readers.

  5. Or maybe I’m not necessarily representative of your readers? I don’t know. Since you mentioned it, I did a little research, though. It’s not a minhag I hold (nor is it one my MO father holds, as far as I know). My philosophy remains — less mourning, more preventive tikkun olam — great to know what one is mourning, now what can one do to prevent that from happening again? My answer is to do stuff to make the world a better place. A little is a lot. I have my work cut out for me. Thanks for the learning opportunity (seriously).

  6. minhagim of sefirah with which I am familiar are not getting haircuts or getting married (except for l’ag b’omer, of course). My ancestry is yekke (my father’s pop was born in Poland, raised in Germany), sfard and russian, fwiw.

  7. Haven’t read the post yet, just the comments and I don’t listen to music during the first half of sefira.

  8. yiddlemaidel Says:

    you rock frum punk

  9. […] enough to actually get this kind of recognition. The stuff takes talent. Remember what I said in OMIGOSH? Yeah, looks like Weezer is officially dead. I was literally cringing while watching it. I’m […]

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