On the road

I love an open road. A road is a physical image of unexplored possibilities and all that could be. Its a sign that you could leave at anytime and start again somewhere new. A road leads anywhere but here, and that’s a comforting thought.

Driving, especially at night is a cathartic experience for me. Emotionally its a way to be alone and also feel like you could leave whats troubling you at any time. Being alone in a nice car is a feast for the emotions. You’re moving somewhere and comfortably. Add a nice sound system with some soothing tunes and I never want to leave. At least until the sun comes up and the road turns into a hellhole of commuters.

I’ve lived in three countries on three continents (and several states within America) growing up so moving is a natural state for me. I can’t even keep still when standing. In high school they mocked the little dance I did with my feet while davening, but I can’t keep still and I don’t have ADHD.

Life should not be spent with your feet firmly on the ground. Your feet should never be firmly on the ground, physically or otherwise. If you can’t be on journeys in your mind then what do you live for? If the notion of unexplored places doesn’t incite you to move then you’re dead in some way. I’ll daydream, because if I can’t be physically moving then I’ll do it anyway I can. You can have your sports, I’ll have my possibilities.

When life gets too mundane in the details, take a drive on an open road at night. On the road, distance is subjective and that’s the only objective thing about it.

Ivy – Edge Of The Ocean

Ivy – Feel So Free

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