Getting home with the downies.

I don’t like rap. I’ve tried to like it, but the lack of instruments and the typical lyrical themes just turn me off. When it came out and was cool, I listened to Eminems ‘Marshall Mathers LP’ all the way through. When you’re a 14 year old Jewish kid at summer camp you feel like a badass quoting it, but I grew out of that fast. When I was at the stage where I didn’t want to listen to non-Jewish music but still wanted good music I listened to a lot of Black Hattitude. I can probably still rap several of their songs all the way through. Its almost embarrassing.

On a social scale, I feel rap is the anti-thesis of old black music. Blues I can get down with. I got nothing, and they’re trying to take it away from me. Guys with names like Muddy and Buddy. Rap is pimps and hos and “look what I gots”. Its like along with emancipation on a social scale the art of having nothing has been replaced with the art of trying to look like you have everything.

The only thing worse than regular rap is Jewish rap. Shlock Rock… please go back to rewriting U2 and Billy Joel. Seriously, for the sake of everything thats decent. (“Hey you, I’m a Jew and I think it’s cool. Yeah I eat kosher meat, ’cause I ain’t no fool.”)

I tested out the headline on my brother who only got one of the jokes in the headline. If you get both, please tell me so I don’t feel like my humor goes over peoples head.

9 Responses to “Getting home with the downies.”

  1. i may be way off but are you talking about “vietnameasles”?

  2. I got the reversal of “down with the homies,” but I’m not sure what the second joke was.
    By the way? I will not allow eminem dissing. I mean, of course he’s sold out recently, but his first couple of albums were testimonies to a monumental talent. If I could write half as well I’d be overjoyed.

  3. The other one is the play on the word downies to refer to people with down syndrome aka retarted people aka rap is retarted.

    (Just a joke, dont give me rants about how underground rap is awesome and I need to hear some Atmosphere and Common.)

    Stacy: The band?

  4. yeah i mean the band. their ep is titled “get home with my downies” and its awesome btw

    no offense but i dont think the downie=down syndrome thing is that clever.
    i work in a special ed school and calling the down syndromes downies -which some people do- is actually borderline offensive.
    sorry but its the only area im really pc about.

  5. Seriously? And I thought I was original. That sucks.

    And I dont actually call people that.

  6. ok good cuz some people actually do.

    im with you on the rap thing though some groups like Wu Tang Clan, NWA ect should get some props.

  7. Oh Stacy, I give mad props where mad props be due. I currently have Pauls Boutique on regular rotation, but thats all the rap I’ve listened to recently.

  8. Getting home with the downies is almost a Dylan Moran quote.

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