My site is evil!


After almost a month of blogging my site now has reached the first milestone of 666 views. Of course, there’s only been around 30 comments, which means I have a less than 5% rate of people seeing this stuff and caring enough to say something about it. Interestingly enough, most of my commenter’s are female. So now I wonder if more girls look at blogs or if something about me attracts the ladies.

On a serious note, thank you to everyone who reads this page and thanks to those who comment on my writings, haphazard and juvenile as they might be.

A Frum Punk – Serving the Internet Community Since March.

19 Responses to “My site is evil!”

  1. Congratulations on being the devil.

  2. I’m not surprised that you have more female commenters. Girls secretly love punks.

  3. Jessica, Raizy; thanks for upholding the status quo.

    As it stands, I’ve met one girl ever who unabashedly liked punk. I’ve met girls who like a couple songs here and there (usually the poppier stuff. Play some hardcore and they can’t understand how this is music) or who listen to Fallout Boy and believe that it is punk. But one girl ever who I could go a whole car ride with listening to Bad Religion or The Descendents. And I let her get away. She even introduced me to Flogging Molly before they were big.

  4. How did you let that one get away?!
    Oh, and Bad Religion are awesome.

  5. congratulations!
    speaking as a female i love old school punk yknow the cramps,the sex pistols, the dammed, dead kennedys,……..
    i dont think theres that many really good new punk bands.

    oh and its definitely you the ladies are coming for

  6. Jessica: I was too shy and bochury to take it anywhere with her.

    Stacy: I’ve never met one of your type. Agree as well, the newest bands I listen to are from the late 90’s, stuff like Refused. Too many of the newer breed that I hear on Punk O’ Ramas sound like overdone blink. (The F-Ups, Motion City Soundtrack…)

    PS: I did once know a girl who made it through two track of Never Mind the Bollocks before complaining she couldnt understand it. She then put Maroon 5 back on.

  7. A bochury punk… wow. You are definitely a unique individual.

  8. No, no, not punk music- I meant girls secretly like punks (as in Frum Punk-which I assumed refers to you). You know, guys who are just a little bit “bad”, as in “I am NOT going to let my daughter go out with that punk!”

  9. I know, but love me; love my music.

  10. hehe…Superraizy is right…Its the whole “bad boy imagine” you seem to be giving off…

    Or maybe, you just have an interesting POV.

    now that you were proclaimed “bochury punk” there will be a new class of females who like geeky guys who try to be punk…or bad…or w/e 🙂

  11. btw…dont take offense by geeky…just for some reason when I picture a Bochur in my head he always looks geeky …

    Dunno why!

  12. Please, you obviously didn’t see the old header I had up until just a few hours ago:

    And for the record, I am no longer a bochur. I am now a college student, working part time and learning a few times a week. That incident I mentioned as a bochur happened 4 years ago.

  13. how could anyone not understand never mind the bollocks? its perfection.
    the extended version is also pretty cool.
    you should do a music post for all us music snobs.
    what did you mean by my type? (just curious)

  14. btw the reason i started reading your blog was bec i got here kinda accidentally and saw your header -the one with time bomb- and i had to see who would put that up. i love rancid

  15. By “your type” I meant girls who understand punk and the fact it doesnt always sound like a pop album. She was heavily into Rooney and Maroon 5 and I think to her it sounded like an animal being tortured since she was so used to sugar sweet production.

    I’ll give you a cookie if you can figure out whos up there now. The tagline is a hint. Its my third header since the Rancid one.

  16. “our band could be your life” minutemen
    amazing amazing amazing book.
    i liked it more than “please kill me” which is saying something
    i’ll take that cookie now

  17. Almost. I was actually refering to the song that line comes from. “History Lesson Part 2” from ‘Double Nickels on the Dime’. (Heres a link:

    Since you were close, heres a biscuit:

    Also, this is the unused Minutemen header. I just didn’t think it worked.

  18. (different) stacy Says:

    you prob meant the song though

  19. hey no fair thats what i was thinking about
    im just a little obsessed with the book

    the last comment isnt me btw

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