On Lipa Being Banned

This was not meant to be the first post. Far from it. The first post was intended to be a little history of me and the beginnings of this blog. However, the day I set up the blog a major event like this happens. Incredibly apropos, so lets discuss the issue at hand.

This topic has already been mentioned by major bloggers such as Frum Satire but I have a different problem with it altogether.

The banning was expected. No major event like this could be allowed to happen without some controversy. The surprising thing was that the protest actually succeeded. Unlike last year when the concert in Israel went ahead despite the protest, Lipa has pulled out, and Sheya Mendlowitz is now scrambling to refund money to advertisers and ticket holders. The usual rhetoric was pulled out. Statements such as “…the sight of dancing and singing performers would cause ribaldry and lightheadedness that would lure young people away from spiritual purity…” and “…strip the youth of every shred of fear of heaven…”

What is this, Purim? Do they really believe that the Jewish world is so on the edge that the sight of Lipa Schmelzer will send the youth off the cliff to secularism in droves? This kind of thing honestly sickens me. The Jewish world that these people reside in is so enclosed and filled with such a lack of outlets. This is the one thing Chassidic kids can look forward to and then just two weeks before it happened the rug is pulled out. For heavens sake, the concert was going to have a mechitza, separate entrances, and Lipa had promised only to perform traditional Chassidic melodies. This kind of banning is what disillusions kids and sends them off the derech. The lack of kosher outlets and hyperbole spewed by their “leaders”, and when I say leaders here, I mean two people in the community with an axe to pick. The problem is that in the frum world, once someone protests something, noone will stand up to them for fear of being seen “less than frum”. The text of the banning was copied word for word from the one last year for Israel, and it was brought before prominent American rabbis with the promise that it had already been approved by the Israeli rabbis. However: Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetzky of Philadelphia, told The Jewish Star that the rabbis did not verify the claim that the edict had been approved by Israeli rabbis. “Usually we meet together. This time, with time pressing, we did not meet together, and maybe it was not the right thing,” he said, according to Hamodia.”

Well so much for that. Congratulations, you’ve managed to destroy a persons livelihood (Mr. Mendlowitz, who now has to reimburse 3000 ticket holders, the event sponsors, and Madison Square Garden for the rental. And The Garden don’t rent cheap. It’s estimated he’s $700,000 in the hole for this one.) a rare night of entertainment for frum people and you’ve tainted Lipa Shmeltzers name by associating the idea of him performing with people going off the derech. Worse of all, you’ve lost G-D knows how much money for the charity Simchat Tzion, a group that makes weddings for orphaned brides and grooms in Israel. All in a weeks work, aye?

Another excellent piece on this is in Yeshiva World. Also, I remembered this classic post reminding us that bans on kosher fun are worldwide and nowwhere near new.

One Response to “On Lipa Being Banned”



    Dear Lipa, ly”t

    Its time we all woke up and smelled the coffee. After reading the new ban regarding your performance it seems that in Shomayim they are NOT happy enough with the Derech, you have chosen. It does not matter which of the Rabonim signed on the new Kol Korah banning the event, and who not. If you count the amount of signatures you will come up with about SIXTY signatures. I believe that this is only the beginning stages of the Kol Korah. It’s a clear and strong message from Hashem and the Rabonim who are the leaders of our times that something smells terribly wrong over here. Never in the past decade has there been a gathering of Rabonim to condemn an individual in such a strong way!!! I am not out to hurt you Lipa, I am simply suggesting that you should examine your performance closely, could we believe it’s done 100% Al Taharas HaKodesh?

    In history of Klall Yisroel we almost never had ALL the Gedolim unite and sign on the same topic. If you LIPA are a true Chosid, like you proclaim to be with your outer Levush (dress code,) you are obligated to adhere to the Chasidishe Rabonim and maybe that’s why the majority of the Ban is signed by Chasidishe Gedolim and not Litvish. In general the Litvish are any way more modern compared to the Chasidim, and they always allowed for Kalus Rosh in a lax manner compared to the Frum Chadishe Olam.

    If one examines the Ban you will find that it does not only pertain to the event – the concert, it’s far and beyond that, it includes many of your great and exciting ideas that many have to compliment you on.

    Lipa you are an extremely talented individual who has inspired thousands upon thousands in Klall Yisroel. If some how you can take a turn and use your influence in a Torah way, you will be able to be Mekarev a huge part of Klall Yisroel to our father in heaven and have a Zchus to speed up the arrival of Moshiach. Take an example from Uri Zohar and see how he turned around and was able to teach hundreds of thousands of Jews Hashems Torah. BTW if you believe you are powerful and have the ability to attract many, show us that you are a true Ben Torah a Tzdik “an Erlicha Yid” as you have been referred to by some leaders, please prove your strengths in Yidishkite to all of us and most of all listen and follow the advise and direction of the Chasidishe Rabonim of todays times…

    Lipa I want to tell you something that can not be denied, I personally spoke to the Rosh Yeshiva Reb Shmuel Kaminetzsky Shlita and the Novermintzsker Rebbeh Shlita this week and they both said that I may quote them and publicize in their name that: in no way shape or form are they backing your activities they are NOT vouching for you and they never ENDORSED you. So when many people are suggesting that the Litvish Rabonim are behind the event, that’s not so at all. The Ban was only signed by those who have a Yeshiva for the younger generation, not by Rabonim who have a Bais Medresh Shull or a Kehillah etc. Rabbi Belsky Shlita the Rosh Yeshiva of Torah Vadath was asked on this matter, he too replied that he has never given his approval on “the event” or your music and entertainment.

    By the way do you realize that Manhattan is not a clean place to say the least. There is ZERO Kedushah in NYC and you ran an ad on a Jewish site saying that you are offering 400 Free tickets to any boy under 18 who learns a Perek of Mishnayis. Why would you even dream to do something so hurtful like this.– Shlepping our innocent Kinderlich to NYC, are you by chance looking to corrupt those clean Neshomos who are UNDER 18 CHAS V’ESHOLOM???? I don’t believe you are that bad yet, it must have just slipped by you without noticing the domino effect of this performance. Perhaps you are having a very difficult time selling tickets, because we all remember that the Kol Koreah banning the “big event” (prohibiting your performance) . Were you just desperate to fill up seats, which we understand that’s done totally LeKovod Hashem Yisboruch so the full proceeds could go to Tzodoka and feed the hungry and poor in Israel.

    I want to end off with a Brocha and wish you and your helpers that Hashem opens up your hearts and helps you to return to him seeing the true light of Kedusha and Taharah. May we all be Zoche to true Yiddishkiet with out being confused with goyishkeit

    A concerned Himesher Yid.

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